The Cost of Being Free to Focus

December 31, 2019 By Cheryl
The cost of being free to focus

Yes! Absolutely.

When I heard the title, Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt, I knew I needed this book. Free…to focus. Yes! Absolutely. I got sucked in to the concept. I wanted it, truly wanted it…

…and then I read the book. 

I began a long love-hate relationship with the book. You’re right. You’re right, I’d agree with the message. But when it came do actually doing what it said, I’d tell myself I’d get to it. As much as I wanted the freedom, I didn’t want to do the hard work of being completely honest with myself.

Free to focus quote Fail

Guilty and distracted

The book stared at me. Called me. I let my slavery to shiny objects keep me busy. But as with anything undone, it plagued my mind. Instead of being free to focus, I felt guilty and distracted. Then came the headache and a reality check.

Reality hurts

My body isn’t cooperating like it used to. After a week of an unending headache, I made the hard decision to cut back on some responsibilities. I never, never, NEVER would have done this before, but the pain made me become honest with myself. There’s a saying that goes something like “Change doesn’t happen unless the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.” What internal, dreamy want-to couldn’t do, my body made me do.

Ah-ha moment

This is what I realized: I was spending most of my work hours in the “drudgery zone” and couldn’t see a clear path to the “desire zone.” Desire seemed more like an impractical, fantasyland fit for someone else. Talk about a depressing thought.

Unicorns are real

So, I’m here at the end of 2019 and have done the impossible: I stopped. The planet kept turning. My life didn’t end. Instead, I experienced this amazing thing called “margin.” I’ve heard of this magical unicorn but didn’t experience it like I did until after I learned to speak the word “no” to areas I had put on my “come hell or high water” must-do list.

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Does Free to Focus really work?

The book is a gem. The concepts aren’t entirely new, but the steps and tips are practical and easy to understand. But, books with great ideas don’t work. People do. Even if you’re resistant to making the steps, this book is one that will help you toward freedom—when you’re ready to face hard truth and take one step forward after another.

Freedom sounds wonderful. It is possible. Focus comes when a person knows what matters and is willing to grow toward it. My journey has been slow, but baby steps are baby steps.

2020 is coming fast!

Consider purchasing Free to Focus to begin your 2020 toward freedom.


Something to add to your wishlist (It’s on mine)

The Full Focus Planner is on my wishlist. I don’t own it yet, but one day, ONE DAY, I hope to give a full review. Until then, I’ll be taking my handy dandy composition books to their limit.

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