Oct 14 2017

3 Prompts to Invite God into Our Lives

3 prompts to invite God into our lives

3 Prompts to Invite God into Our Lives

I know I’m supposed to want to spend time with God, but often I don’t. Motivation to read my Bible and pray are more about should than desire. I want the desire to be there, but I’m one step back and only have the desire to have desire.

How does anyone get to the place of the writers of scripture who had longing and delight in being in God’s presence?

Is it possible to have that want all the time? Were those words penned as an example of their everyday experience or of times of spiritual peaks?

I’ve had spiritual peaks. In place of occasional heights, I want a rhythm of spiritual depth and richness that is as normal to me as breathing. In with God. Out with the old me. In with his will. Out with mine.

Here’s what I’ve discovered: God uses prompts to awaken us to spiritual opportunities. If we take these prompts for what they are, we have a chance to invite him to be more and more a part of our life. The trick is to recognize the prompt and respond with an invitation.

The Five-Minute Friday word for today is invite. While God is the one who invites us into a relationship with him, our ongoing “come into my life” response determines our growth. Here are three prompts to invite God into our lives.

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These prompts don’t require me to be a spiritual giant to connect with my Creator: weakness, sadness, and joy.


I fall flat on my face. I screw up. Drop the ball. I feel dumb and shamed. My natural tendency is to work harder and be stronger and more capable. I try to cover up my foibles or deflect my brokenness by comparing my strengths to another’s weaknesses.

Can you relate?

Instead, if we start seeing the flag of opportunity, we can invite God into our weakness. Not only can he help us see the root issues that drive our sin, he can transform us. Not only that, but we can accept our natural limitations—not all weakness is sin. Weakness is part of the human condition. We can’t do it all. God gives us the grace to ask for help.

2 Corinthians 12:9


Broken relationships. Job loss. Health problems. Pain is part of life. Our grieve gives us a chance to invite God into our pain. In that moment when we need God’s comfort most, we’re tempted to distance ourselves. We try to heal our hearts on our own. We were never meant to do that.

Sadness is a prompt for spiritual connection with God. Not only can God give us deep and lasting comfort, he can grow us exponentially in the process.Psalm 56:8


This prompt is in some ways a harder prompt to catch. Why? Because we can miss the source of goodness in life. We think life is good because we’re smart or strong or made the right choices. We think we earned God’s favor by being good. We believe it was coming to us. So, we forget to acknowledge God and miss a natural connection with him.



Everyday life gives us natural opportunities to invite

I experience weakness, sadness, and joy regularly. When I read the writers of scripture, I see these feelings as invitations to connect with God.

These writers took the prompts and left us examples of how to take the natural experiences of life as reasons to seek God. They took their weakness, sadness, and joy to God. And so can we.

Are you facing your weakness, in a season of sadness, or experiencing joy?

Will you take this very moment to talk with the Lord? Then breath in. God is able to meet you where you are and transform you.





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Oct 06 2017

This is 45. My Story

The Five-Minute Friday word for today is story. The details of my life aren’t able to be contained in 5 minutes of writing. If you ask my husband, my children, and my friends, they’ll tell you more details. But I hope my Realing in Life writing has given you a glimpse.

This is 45


This is 45.

That’s today for me.

In 45 years, I have a story to tell.

Lessons learned.

Although I’m far from old, unless you ask my kids, I’ve experienced enough bumps and bruises in life to no longer have a Pollyanna perspective. Maybe I never had one, but I’m far from living in the fantasy that naivety affords. With that experience, I have learned how I can survive much more than I thought.

I’m much stronger than I knew.

I’m not as smart as I thought I was. That’s a truth from life: The longer you live, the more you realize how much you didn’t know when you thought you knew it all.

All though I’m stronger, I’m more aware of how weak I am.

Frailty is not my biggest fear. Instead, I’m learning to lean in and embrace the me I am today.

Experience has taught me that as my weakness becomes more apparent to me, I’m better equipped to lean into God’s strength.

Odd how that works.

My brokenness gives him more availability in my heart to work.

And that’s my story.


What’s your story? How has life taught you to lean into God better?

While frailty isn’t my biggest fear, I still resist those moments when I feel exposed. When I’ve given over to the truth of my “perfectly human” reality, I lean in and enjoy the embrace of a loving and generous Father God who gives me everything I need.

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Sep 30 2017

A helpful resource for starting your adventure in online writing

start-up guide for online writers

A helpful resource for starting your adventure in online writing


I’ve called myself a writer since I joined a writer’s group and discovered that being a writer isn’t so much about being a New York Times Best Seller but deciding to write and to grow as a writer. That was a couple of decades ago, but that lesson still sticks with me even though I’m far from all my writer’s dreams. Back then, I wasn’t thinking about online writing.

I’ve been a blogger at realinginlife.com since 2012 and have continued to add to my writer’s toolbox through free and paid resources. Investing in my writing isn’t simply about learning what to do but practicing, but learning the basics, as well as the tricks of the trade, are key. If I’ve learned anything, it’s this: I have so much more to learn about the field of writing—especially online writing— because it changes constantly.

When I began Kate Motaung’s Start-Up Guide for Online Writers course, I wasn’t sure how much I could gain since I wasn’t a complete beginner. My hunger to learn and curiosity helped me start. The resources I found kept me going.

The On-line Writers course doesn’t claim to be a comprehensive writer’s course. Instead, it’s a guided collection of resources along with challenges for both beginner and the more advanced.

For those who are just beginning to transition toward the online writer’s world, this course is a good place to start. The suggested resources will help a newbie make logical first steps in getting started.

For those with more experience, this course has resource gems worth noting. The challenges are appropriate next steps for writers who have already accomplished the beginner first steps.

Who is this not for?

  • Writers who don’t want to publish or market online.
  • Writers who are already keenly aware of all the current technology and associated trends.
  • Writers who don’t have time to read and do the challenges.

A couple things to keep in mind about this online writing guide:

  • This course is not comprehensive.
  • Time invested in applying the concepts is key.

My favorite resource

One of my favorite resources was the list of ways to connect with other writers. As I connect with other writers, I am encouraged and learn from them. Rather than being competition, we help each other become the writers God designed us to be. We each have a message God has put on our heart to write. As iron sharpens iron, we grow within the context of community.

I’m not finished with the course. In fact, I read through it with the intention to go back over it at a slower pace at a later time. I look forward to gleaning, even more, the second time around.

If you’re interested in reading the book, you can buy it at Amazon (affiliate link) or go to the online course here (affiliate link).

Have you heard of Kate Motaung?

She’s the host of the Five Minute Friday community. You can find out more about her and Five Minute Friday here. I encourage you to join.

Note: I was given this course and the e-book for free in exchange for my honest review. These words reflect my true opinions. If you choose to purchase through my affiliate links, I do benefit. But, I only make recommendations I support.

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