Jan 13 2018

Blessed are those who have little: Declutter and find wealth

blessed are those who have little: declutter and find wealth Blessed are those who have little: Declutter and find wealth


When I lived overseas, one of the noticeable differences is less choice. Shopping had less to offer. And on a filled menu at the local restaurant, the waitress pointed to the two items available. I got used to it.

When I came home [to the US], I felt overwhelmed with the choices before me. I suffered from a serious case of decision fatigue. I felt nauseated looking at choice after choice. Having so much choice wasn’t better, but I adjusted.

This year, I choose “declutter” for my word for 2018. Why? Because simplifying my life allows me to find the wealth I already have.

Little choice meant an easier choice.

A little amount of stuff means more space, enjoying what I have and having more time because I have less to maintain.

Little on the calendar means more margin and sleep as well as more time with my family.

To simplify my life, in all areas, I need to declutter. As I progress with my goal to live this out, I know there is wealth awaiting.


What will you remove from your life so you can find wealth?

Wealth is not necessarily financial (although I found money when I decluttered my closet). When I feel poor (financially), I forget the wealth I have in the areas of life that truly matter.

What will you gain when it’s gone?

When I think of getting rid of some of my stuff, I feel an old part of me that wonders if I regret my choice. But as I think about the gain, I have a greater resolve.

Make a plan and take a step

If there is clutter in your life, start by writing down what area you want to purge. Writing it down will help clarify your choice. Then write down your why (it’s what you’ll gain). Then make a decision to take one specific step.

I’d love to hear what you decided and what you did.

Five Minute Friday

I’m joining my Five Minute Friday friends with the word simplify. My five minutes are between the // marks.

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Jan 07 2018

The Importance of Motive to Motivate

The importance of motive to motivate

The Importance of Motive to Motivate


January is often the time when we make resolutions or pick a word for the year or make goals. We have great intentions of keeping to our course. But as the year continues, it becomes harder to stay the course.

Most years, I’ve had success in some areas and not in others. Last year, I kept to my goal of reading 10 books. But I went the opposite direction with getting a healthy weight. Ugh.

What made the biggest difference?

Reading 10 books was an easy goal. I had many books I wanted to read, so finding the time was key.

Getting to a healthy weight was more difficult because I lost my reason for being healthy.

Motive is the reason for doing something. It’s the “why”. When the motive is clear, believed, and refreshed in the mind regularly, it has a super-power to motivate.


Find your motive, find your motivation

As you look at your goals for this year, don’t forget to identify your reasons for the goal. Don’t choose reasons that are external pressures like “my husband thinks I should.” Make the reasons yours and make them positive like “I want to grow as a writer.” (That motive is one reason I’ve joined a writer’s group and attended workshops.)

One choice I’m going to make this year, and I encourage you to do as well, is to keep my goals and my reasons in front of me and review them regularly. A routine review will keep me on task and help motivate me when I’ve lost my new-year-goal excitement.

What is your “why”?

I’d love to read your positive reasons for making your goals happen. Maybe it’ll help someone else formulate their “why” and gain some well-needed motive motivation for their goals.

Five Minute Friday

I’m joining my Five Minute Friday friends with the word motivate. My five minutes are between the // marks.

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Dec 31 2017

The Top 10 Posts of 2017

Looking back over the year is a wonderful way to prepare for the upcoming year. What were the victories? What were lessons learned?

As a writer, I spend loads of time writing and editing, but I don’t often take time to look back and enjoy what I’ve written over the past year.

As I look back over the year, I found some of my favorites.

My favorite posts for 2017

January: The Power of Decluttering: The Day I Found $35 and My New Office. The choice to make room for an office in my closet was one of the best choices I made in 2017.

Having a space to call my own continues to encourage me to write, create, and work toward my dreams.

February: Dear Tired Mom. As my children grow older, the challenges change. Even so, it’s easy to grow weary as a mom. I need the prayer of a tired mom.

March:10 Things You Should Abandon Right Now. #6 is an area that needs constant pruning.

April: Circle with Disney: First Impressions. I’m very happy we bought Circle. It helps us have conversations about limitations and negotiate boundaries. Plus, I’ve created an easy way to limit myself on screen time. It’s so easy to get sucked in and lose track of time, Circle cuts me off.

May: Life Hurts: How gratitude transformed me.  Gratitude continues to be a powerful force in my life. I must consciously choose gratitude, but it’s well worth the effort.

June: 3 Keys to Make Your Husband Awesome My husband is awesome. I know it through and through, but I didn’t always think that way. Over twenty years of marriage, and plenty of God’s grace, has helped me grow.

July: Parenting a Picky Eater (and a day I’ll never forget) I still laugh at that story.

August: When admitting we’re lost is the hardest step Pride blocks us from receiving the help we need.

September: I accepted a life The choices we make have impact on the direction of our lives.

October: This is 45. My Story This is how God has grown me in 45 years. The picture with my kids is one of my favorites.

November: How STEM Play Grows a Child’s Future (and a giveaway) My favorite part about this post is all the great creations Bear made. I had a blast looking back over the years and reveling in his awesome builds.

December: Near God Safe, Near God Risk Following God brings safety and risk.

As we look toward 2018, may we push forward to risk as God calls us to step out.

Wow. I enjoyed looking over some of my favorite posts from 2016. (I’m thankful for the Five Minute Friday prompts that directed my Friday posts.)

And now for…

The Top 10 Posts of 2017


  1. The Plan (round two): Surprising results

  2. Book Review: Father Cry by Billy Wilson The importance of being a spiritual father (or mother) stands today. God can use all parts of our story for his glory.
  3. The Good Shepherd This devotional is on John 10. The Good Shepherd is what Jesus calls himself. Take time to consider all that the name means. (God Quotes was my original phrase for devotionals.)
  4. Sneaker Health: Lyn-Genet Plan Review I have used the Lyn-Genet Plan multiple times and have always seen a difference in my health.
  5. God Quotes: Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma My grandmother passed away many years ago, but Revelation 21 is a great comfort.
  6. Have Fun Reading Music with this Game App: Staff Wars My guitar students love this game. What’s better than exploding notes, right?
  7. Picture of the week: Brain Hat We still have the Brain Hat in our house.  My youngest learned a bit about the brain last year.
  8. ATracker App: Get Track of Your Time. Tracking how you use time can be helpful in awareness.
  9. God Quotes: Do You Know These 3 Keys to Wisdom? Wisdom is found in God. As 2018 begins, let’s look to Him for how we ought to live.

  10. How STEM Play Grows a Child’s Future (and a giveaway). This post on STEM play wasn’t just a favorite of mine.

Which posts from 2017 was your favorite?

Share what you liked and why.



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