Aug 18 2017

God, speak to my heart

The Five-Minute Friday word for today is speak. As I thought about this word, I thought about me speaking to God, in prayer, many years ago. I’m forever marked by that moment.

As I thought about this word, I thought about me speaking to God, in prayer, many years ago. I’m forever marked by that moment. God spoke to my heart, and it brought me deep, deep comfort.

God, speak to my heart


Psalm 56:8

The tears flowed, unstoppable. My throat ached from crying and praying and crying. I had nothing left in me. No words except, “God. I don’t want you to forget how I feel right now.”

Then, in the silence, his words pierced my heart. I won’t.

Was it audible? Did God really speak out loud? I couldn’t know for sure, but I heard it just the same.

A verse came to my mind. Something about a bottle of tears being collected (Psalms 56:8). It took me hours to find it. When I did, I looked at the word and laughed, “I have an ocean of tears. It’d take an ocean-sized bottle to contain all my hurt.”

I’d just had my second miscarriage. I was grieving. In that moment, and with that verse, God gave me a beautiful picture that comforted me. It was a picture of my two little children who I never got to meet, basking at a beach with Jesus. They played in the sand and the water. He explained to them of my ocean of tears. And the endless grains of unfulfilled dreams.


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God, speak to my heart

While I’ve never had an experience quite like I had then, I believe God still speaks to our hearts through his word. Reading and meditating on scripture allows his word to become more and more a part of our thinking. It’s his word that transforms.

How has God spoken to your heart?

Share in the comments below.

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Aug 12 2017

Do You Know How to Find Rest for Your Soul?

The Five Minute Friday word for today is place. We all get to a places in life in which we’re at a crossroads looking around to see which way we should go. In the many roles God has given me, I’ve looked for answers. Some practical and not earth shattering, like what can I make for dinner this week. At other times, the search is far deeper, like how do I navigate through the ache in my heart.

When I came across Jeremiah 6:16, I saw myself resisting God’s offer of rest.

Find Rest for your soul

Find Rest for Your Soul


What’s the answer? I look for answers all the time.

  • How to lose weight.
  • How to reduce stress.
  • How to parent.
  • How to be godly…and on it goes.

I read and research. I pray. But sometimes the answers aren’t as exciting as I want them to be. The solution is one that I’ve heard time and again.

  • Eat veggies and exercise.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Don’t get sucked into your kid’s fight and love them.
  • Read your Bible and pray.

These answers are simplistic. The ones that have been around for so long. And when I’m in a place of frustration, I don’t want the slow and steady. I don’t want to be faithful. I tell God to give me another path, one that can be fixed in a day. But in that answer, I don’t find rest for my soul because rest is found in God’s path.

When I learn to walk in his ways, I find rest.

Jeremiah 6:16 Rest for your souls


Do you have a hard time with walking in God’s path?

Have you looked for shortcut answers like I have? After giving “my way” a few tries, I return back to God and seek his face.

Rest for our soul comes when we dive into God’s word and allow it to transform us. The road of change is a long one, but God has always wanted to walk the journey with us. When we choose to travel his path, we’re never alone. In him we have strength and encouragement exactly when we need it. In addition to finding peace for our soul, we get access to his wisdom when it comes to health living, reducing stress, and parenting. That’s what I need—don’t you?

Sign up for the PARK Plan

The PARK Plan

If you’d like to find out more about rest, sign up for my PARK Plan email series. PARK Plan email. PARK is an acronym for Pray Ask Rest Keep. Once a week, you’ll receive an email taking you through each step of the PARK Plan.


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Aug 04 2017

Five Minute Friday: Try

The Five Minute Friday word for today is try.




Try. It’s a good word. It’s the word we use with our children when we want them to do something new. It speaks of boldness and openness to new things. The pressure is off. We don’t have to like it or succeed. We just need to try.

Somewhere along the way, try has been cheapened to mean something less. We add the word “best” to give it a boost. “Try your best,” we say, as if trying should be anything less. When we don’t achieve, we say, “At least you tried,” or console with, “You tried your best.”

Now, if we’re determined, we don’t use the word try. Instead, we say, “I will.”

But trying isn’t a bad word. I love the boldness and freedom that comes with trying. The pressure to succeed can stifle a soul. Try gives us the freedom to make mistakes and get dirty.

“If you don’t succeed,” we’re told, “try, try, again.”

A life with the freedom to try mixed with the boldness of “I will” is what I want. How about you?


To try and fail is not the end of someone. It is the end only when it is the end. Rather, we keep trying and trying until we succeed. Free and bold.


What are you giving yourself the freedom to try?

I’m trying to learn balance in my life. The work-play balance is challenging.


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