Jan 04 2017

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Zucchini Lasagna: The Lasagna that wasn’t Lasagna

zucchini lasagnaThe Lasagna that wasn’t Lasagna

Gluten-free, Slow Carb, and Paleo

Mr. Real needs to eat gluten-free. I’m trying the Slow Carb diet a la Tim Ferriss* (I borrowed the book from the library through the Overdrive app**) which is a gluten-free diet, for the most part. The Slow Carb diet has many similarities with a Paleo Diet except the Slow Carb diet adds beans—at least that’s how I understand it. I found a great summary and helpful hints for the Slow Carb diet at findingmyfitness.com. In my efforts to stay to my diet, I gave the Zucchini Lasagna from My Natural Family 50 Paleo Recipes (MyNaturalFamily.com) a try. I don’t know if it fits the Slow Carb diet exactly, but it was close enough for my purposes.

Zucchini is not a family favorite for everyone

I have two anti-zucchini naysayers at my house. So, the idea of having a lasagna that was both filled with zucchini and had no yummy, glutenous noodles was a stretch. But I was willing to risk some criticism for the sake of an attempt at a healthier lasagna option. Plus, we had leftovers in the refrigerator for anyone still hungry after their “no thank you” portion.

A few changes from the the original recipe

I did make a few changes from the original zucchini lasagna recipe. I used hamburger instead of ground turkey, canned diced tomatoes instead of fresh, and regular honey. I added a little mozzarella cheese too. I baked the zucchini lasagna in the oven for 45 minutes at 350° F instead of the crockpot because I started later in the day. Because I baked it, I didn’t find any extra liquid to skim off the top.

Everyone who walked into the dining room gushed over the aroma. Then came the taste test. We were all pleasantly surprised.

Here are our honest opinions on the lasagna:

Babycakes (7): It wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t bad. It was kind of good. The part that I liked was the hamburger…Yes, I would eat it again.

Bear (12): It was okay. It didn’t taste like lasagna. It was fine…Yeah, I’d eat it again.

BunBun (14): I liked it. But it was not so much lasagna, more like a veggie casserole kind of thing. Absolutely, I’d eat it again.

Mr. Retro (18): It was better than I expected it to be given that I knew what was in it. I liked the meat and sauce. I normally don’t like zucchini. It was good, but I didn’t want a second bowl. I don’t know if I’d eat it again.

Me: I’d like it to be more solid, but it’s not too different from lasagna I’ve made in the past as far as being loose. (I normally avoid making lasagna because they’ve come out more sloppy than I’d like.) Maybe I could add an extra egg or two to make it stand up. But as far as taste is concerned, it’s a winner. I was surprised at how cheesy the “cheese” sauce turned out. I did add a little mozzarella cheese to the recipe because I didn’t think there was enough of the “cheese” sauce. All-in-all, I call it a winner and hope to make it again. (Maybe I’ll make some noodles for my gluten-eaters. That’ll help the meal stretch.)

Mr. Real: Tastes good to me. I like it. Make it again.

Everyone ate the zucchini lasagna. Three of us had seconds. Bear had an extra large second helping. Had I not set aside a portion for Mr. Real, he wouldn’t have any for his dinner. It was that good.

The sad part? No leftovers.

That says it all for me.

Correction: There was a little left over. We set aside too much for Mr. Real. So I got to have some the next day. This is the only picture I got. As always with Italian dishes, it tastes better the next day.

zucchini lasagna

I made extra marinara sauce. It tastes so awesome that I added it to my lentil soup the next day. If you are interested in trying the original recipe, check it out here.

*Note: Tim Ferriss is not for everyone. From statements he makes in his books, I disagree with him philosophically on many points. I’d encourage you to skip whole chapters in the 4-Hour Body because of it’s graphic content. However, his willingness to experiment with and challenge the accepted norms for health, is commendable. Taking his recommendations for the slow carb diet, with a heavy dose of common sense, is my approach.

If ever our paths cross, I’d love to sit down with him. His writing has challenged my thinking and encouraged me to identify my values. For that, I am thankful.

**Note: This post contains affiliate links. The Overdrive iOS app is free as of the date of this post. Also, Overdrive is available in other formats such as Android, Nook, Windows, Mac iOS.

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