Sep 08 2017

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Work Sharp or Work Dull

The Five-Minute Friday word for today is work. As I think of Ecclesiastes 10:10, I’m reminded of the value of tooling up in whatever work God has given me.

Work Sharp or work Dull

Work Sharp or Work Dull


My friend hands me her fancy knife. She got it as a gift. She keeps it sharp. The blade goes smoothly through the tomato, not smashing it as it normally does at home. I experience the difference of a nice, sharpened knife. Cutting through is easier—much easier. It’s working the way a knife is supposed to work. And I dream of a good, sharp knife.

But that’s the way it is with a good tool. If it’s sharp (or ready or prepared), it does what it’s supposed to do and works better and easier.

As I think of my many roles of work as a Christ-follower, mother, wife, writer, teacher, play advocate, guitar and ukulele enthusiast, and…and, I’m reminded of how I can approach my work. Will I approach it with wisdom through learning and listening, through practice and preparation? That would sharpen my ax. If I don’t value the prep, I’m doomed to be dull.


Ecclesiastes 10:10 Sharpen the Ax

What will you do to sharpen your ax today?

The problem with sharpening is that it doesn’t feel like making progress. But taking time to learn and grow is part of the working process. And when we’re ready to dive in, having laid a firm foundation, we’ll have a smoother rather than a smashed-up work experience.



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  1. Diana Rockwell

    Blessings my friend, such a great reminder of the saying, if you are going to do something do it well the first time. Thanks for the references after your post. Your neighbor at five-minute Friday. Diana

    1. Cheryl

      It’s laying the groundwork that helps it to be done well.

  2. Kelly Blackwell

    It is always worth the time and effort to improve. I’d much rather a nicely sliced tomato than mush, and I want to reflect my Lord and do all things to the best of my ability. A little sharpening would always be a good way to go. Thanks for the suggestions too!

    FMF visitor #70
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    1. Cheryl

      Yes! A little sharpening goes a long way.

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