Apr 27 2016

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Why a Green Thickie Saved My Monday Morning

Why a Green Thickie Saved My Monday Morning

Sunday night is a terrible night to stay up too late especially if Monday morning is packed. During the school year, my Monday's are filled. (For those of you who know about Make Over Your Evenings, I know and feel my “Why” but need to move on to the next steps.) A too-late evening means a rocky morning.

My alarm jolted me awake, and I dragged myself from my cozy bed. (The same cozy bed that had no siren-type abilities the night before.) Groggy makes foggy decisions, but I had to go with what synapses were firing at the time. One thing I knew I would do this harried morning was make a Green Thickie.

What is a Green Thickie?

Prior to getting the e-book, 80 Green Thickies Recipes, I had never heard of a Green Thickie. On the cover, the drink looked like a smoothie—but green.

I am not afraid of green, in fact, I know I need more green stuff in my body. Green and vibrant color in fruits and veggies means nutrition.

I read through the intro and onto a few of the recipes. I need to try at least one of these recipes, I told myself. I have to get some items from the store—mostly because we were low on groceries rather than a lack of exotic ingredients—before I can try a great green smoothie.

Sunday was my day to shop. I purchased my regular groceries but added fresh spinach and kale to my cart too. Although I have purchased these foods before, I added these not-on-my-official-list items because of the Green Thickie. I felt no guilt in breaking the big no-no rule of keeping to the shopping list.

That night, in all of my staying up late revelries, I remembered to put my oats in water so they could soak. (Until I read the book, I had never considered what foods are hard to blend nor did I know soaking could help.)

Back to Monday Morning

Placing the e-book within sight, I took out the spinach and my blender. I added water and started to blend. Then I added more ingredients, giving each new food a whirl of blending. (One tip: using a scale makes measuring nuts and dried fruit easy.) Check out the recipe I used here.

Once I had everything blended to my liking (with the time I had), I filled my cup and headed out the door.

Share and share alike

I had a few eager “birdies” hoping to get a sip of the weird concoction in my cup. “It has spinach in it,” I told my youngest child hoping to keep more of the Thickie for myself.

“That's okay, I want to try it.” She saw through my game.

The others tried too. Everyone liked it. For the most part. It did taste healthy, but one of them thought I had added chocolate. (I didn't add chocolate, but I received his comment as a compliment.)

I downed the Greem Thickie on the way to our homeschool co-op knowing the day would be packed full of busyness without a break.

A true test

When classes were done, and lunchtime arrived, I noticed a difference in how I normally felt around this time. I didn't feel desperate for lunch. I found this especially interesting because I hadn't had enough sleep. I am usually a ravenous beast throughout the day when I'm tired. The Green Thickie saved my morning by giving my body what it needed and kept me feeling satisfied.

I plan on trying out more of the recipes now that I know the basic Green Thickie tastes good.

Are you interested in getting the 80 Green Thickies Recipes book?

You can get this book and so much more with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. The bundle includes a total of 93 resources: 70 ebooks, 9 ecourses and 14 printable packs. It's valued at $1,102.49, and the bonus offers are an additional $308.94 value.

Truly, I am a sucker for recipe books. The 80 Green Thickies is just one of the many recipe books in the bundle. I am excite about adding new recipes to my meal plan. Take a look at the recipes included in the bundle.

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