Nov 04 2017

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What do we need most?

The Five Minute Friday word is need.

What do we need most?

What do we need most?


I stood stirring the onions in the pot. I needed to make dinner. Someone had to, and I was it. But inside, I felt numb from the day. My emotions were shot. All I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and hide under the blanks. Some things don’t get fixed like a 30-minute sitcom. Some prayers are prayed not just once but over weeks, months, and…years. I want it all better in a snap, but my heart aches and needs.

Have you felt like that?

My thoughts race back to decades ago. When I sat with a counselor. “What do you need most from God right now?” Tears came to my eyes. How can I run to chocolate and escape so quickly? How can I Facebook my pain away? Or escape in…something other than what I truly need?

It’s so easy to race to one thing or another when we’re aching or tired, or simply feel like we’re drowning in the day to day stuff that only sleep lets us escape. But what we need most is what only God can give.

The question still rings, and I must ask and listen to His answer.


Need You More

What do you need from God right now?

I’ve come to realize I need, at this point, to know that God is present with me in the moment. He is working in the situation. He will fill my heart with himself and give me comfort. Yes, Lord, fill me and give me peace that is beyond understanding.

Share what you need from God (or what need he is providing for you).





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  1. Janis Cox

    Hi there,
    I found you on Five minute Friday. I’m #74. You have come to a good conclusion. Through everything we need Jesus. Taking 5 minutes with Him is worth everything. If you need prayer I’m here.
    Many blessings and may your days be filled with Jesus,

    1. Cheryl

      Thank you for your prayers. I will take them. I’m learning how much life can bring out my need for my Loving Heavenly Father.

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