Jun 08 2016

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Twenty Years Married, One Thought

Twenty Years Married, One Thought

Today marks my twentieth wedding anniversary. Twenty years. I find it hard to believe time has gone by so quickly, yet, I joke with my husband, I felt every day. Time does that. Time goes by slowly when we are experiencing it, but it feels like a blink when looking back. With twenty years of married life experience, I have one thought: The happiest part of my married life has been when I wasn’t focused on my own happiness.

I find it ironic now, having some experience in life, that my main focus for getting married was my imagined happiness being married to Mr. Real. We would, of course, make each other happy. Wouldn’t we? That’s not exactly how it worked out. Over the years, my most unhappy times were when life came crashing against my happiness, and all I could think of was fixing life to make me happy. Self focus made me miserable.

Today, I am happy not because Mr. Real makes me happy but because I am growing more whole and becoming healthy as a person. Since God’s work in my life¬†has been¬†transforming me, I enjoy the goodness God gives and face the disappointments life brings with hope. Moreover, my focus has changed. Instead of focusing on my happiness, I focus on growing into the person God has designed me to be. As I grow in Christ, I am able to love and serve others. Not surprisingly, those loving and serving from-the-heart moments have brought me joy I never imagined.

I am glad to be celebrating twenty years of marriage. May God give us many years ahead.


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  1. Janet

    Happiest of Happiest Anniversary congratulations.

    1. Cheryl


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