Dec 21 2016

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The Top 10 Posts of 2016

How can we be getting to the end of another year? Seriously, where did the time go. My dad tells me that time goes faster as you age. I feel it zipping by. Does it feel that way to you too?

As I look back over the year, I found some of my favorites.

My favorite posts for 2016

January: Book Review: Reframe by Brian Hardin I read this book over Christmas break. This is a great book to start the New Year.

February: Breathe This was my one word for 2016. I am pleased with what God has done in my heart and life as I look back at that post.

March: A Surprise Kiss from God I was reading Captivating again and was reminded afresh of God’s tender love for me.

April: Do you want to be healed or do you want to be whole? This devotional thought dives into Jesus’ question “Would you like to get well?”

May: Most Days, I Feel Rich When I look back on this post and know how richly God provided for us, I am all the more thankful to God that he taught me this before he showered his goodness on me.

June: Twenty Years Married, One Thought I had a hard time picking a favorite, but I am oh, so glad I can write about 20 years of marriage. I wrote about one key to happiness that took most of my marriage to realize. (I might be a slow learner, but at least I’m learning.)

July: Protect your marriage, date your spouse Another marriage post about something that changed our marriage. We still have date night on Thursday nights.

August: Three team members you need on your team Regardless of what stage of life you find yourself, these are must-have team members on your “team” in life. Do you have these team members on your team?

September: Collect Encouragement, Give Encouragement Giving and receiving words of encouragement is so needed these days. As I was writing notes on our Christmas newsletter, I was reminded of this post.

October: Park before you go I didn’t realize how big this post would be in my life. It has been a source of inspiration. I plan on writing more about PARK in 2017. Be on the subscriber list so you won’t miss out on lessons (and printables) on the PARK method. As I have learned to practice PARK, God has transformed me.

November: Help! How do I handle Santa? Parenting wisdom from a mom who’s been there This is the beginning of a four-part series about Santa and parenting.

December: (I know the month’s not over yet, but here is my favorite so far) Are you craving God or the slavery of the past? This devotional came from Deuteronomy 8:3 as I reflected on some desert times in my life.

Wow. I enjoyed looking over some of my favorite posts from 2016. (I’m thankful for the Five Minute Friday prompts that directed my Friday posts.)

And now for…

The Top 10 Posts of 2016

  1. ATracker App Read about one app that can help you track your time.

  2. Using Magnetic Alphabet App for Education I don’t use this app as much now as I used to when my youngest was in preschool and kindergarten, but it’s still a handy app to have on hand.
  3. Picture of the week: Brain Hat We still have the Brain Hat in our house. My youngest learned a bit about the brain this year, and it was fun to have our brain hat on hand.
  4. The Good Shepherd This devotional is on John 10. The Good Shepherd is what Jesus calls himself. Take time to consider all that the name means. (God Quotes was my original phrase for devotionals.)
  5. One Key to a Happy Marriage This is not the same as the married 20 years post, but continues the thought on focus. What do you focus on in your marriage? How your husband is doing as a husband or how you are doing as a wife?
  6. Unfailing Love God’s love is hard to understand in the midst of pain. Learn from the psalmist in Psalms 31:7.
  7. Have Fun Reading Music with this Game App: Staff Wars My guitar students love this game. What’s better than exploding notes, right?
  8. Sneaker Health: Lyn-Genet Plan Review I have used the Lyn-Genet Plan multiple times and have always seen a difference in my health.
  9. Book Review: Father Cry by Billy Wilson The importance of being a spiritual father (or mother) stands today. God can use all parts of our story for his glory.
  10. DIY PVC Pipe Sand and Water Table PVC is so fun to play with. This post will help you get your creative juices started. (Links to other PVC fun included are included.)


Which one was your favorite? 

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  1. Gabriele

    What an awesome lineup! May not get through them all but I am having fun diving in.

    1. Cheryl


  2. Karrilee

    Aren’t these posts fun? They invite you look back over what you’ve written and remind yourself of lessons learned and revelations revealed! I loved your PARK post… so good!

    1. Cheryl

      Yes, it’s been fun. I am looking forward to writing a lot more about PARK in 2017.

  3. leah

    thanks for visiting my blog! I’m happy to meet you and get to know your blog, too. Time does seem to go faster, and can you believe some people were worried about Y2K but now we’ve made it all the way to 2017?! Wishing you a fabulous celebration of Jesus’ birth and the best ever new year!

    1. Cheryl

      Thank you. I hope you have a great 2017.
      Cheryl recently posted…Be transformed in the New Year with the PARK PlanMy Profile

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