May 28 2014

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How Ting is Saving Me Money on my Phone Bill

How Ting is Saving Me Money on my Phone Bill

About a year ago, we were in the market for a new cell phone plan. I wanted to upgrade to a smart phone too. As I researched cell phones and cell phone plans, I came across Ting. Ting uses a different system than most companies. It’s not a monthly contract like most, but it is different from a pay-for-a-month plan too. The Ting program charges based on how much you use. If you use 1000 minutes talking, you pay for a 1000 minutes. If you don’t use data, you don’t pay for data. It’s the same with texts too.

Think of buckets

The best way to describe how it works is buckets. After paying a monthly fee of $6 per phone (smart or not smart), your account is charged for what is used. Once the first “bucket” of use is filled, you move to the next larger one. There is no need to do anything. (If you never use text, you don’t get charged for text. That bucket remains empty.)

40-60% savings on your monthly mobile bill

Run the numbers to see how much you’d save on your monthly mobile bill simply by switching to Ting and mobile that makes sense.
Grab a recent bill from your current carrier and try the Ting calculator to see how much you’ll save.

For some people, paying for unlimited everything works. For us, Ting is better. And for budgeting purposes, we use the alarms to warn us (or disable) a feature to limit how much we use in text and data. We have three phones in use and have a limit on how much data my son (and I) use.

As a side note, using the Ting app (Android and iOS) allows me to check who my son is calling and texting. (He is not attached to his phone like some teenagers, but it’s good to know how he is using the phone.)

The customer service is great. They have always responded promptly whether by email or phone.

I just recently upgraded my phone to a refurbished iPhone 4 (Yeah, iPhone + Ting) and am loving it.

Just a few facts about Ting:

    • Ting uses the Sprint network.
    • 98% of people would save money with Ting.
    • No hold customer support – Call 1 855 TING FTW and a person will answer in less than 2 rings.
    • Flexible, pay for what you use service.
    • Ting will help you pay your Early Termination Fee – https://ting.com/ETF
    • No contracts

Note: This post contains affiliate links, but my opinions are my own. If you do decided to go with Ting, please let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Elizabeth Grenier

    Very helpful information, thank!

    1. Cheryl

      If you have any specific questions about Ting, I’d be glad to help. We’re pretty happy with them for our cell phone service.

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