Oct 01 2014

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Three Tools to Help You Get Unstuck

Have you ever felt stuck? Stuck in a rut. Wanting to move forward but just don't know how. Getting unstuck seems like an impossibility. Getting started is a mountain. Here are three tools to get the un-stuck-ing process started:

1. Unstuck App

This is an iPad app, but this same awesomeness is available for Android, iPhone, and web here.

How does this work? The app asks great questions. When you provide the answers to the questions, it provides some further questions to guide you to some first steps. It's incredibly clarifying considering it is an app not a counselor or life coach. (Counselors and life coaches are still very important resources not to be overlooked. In fact, this app may help to clarify if a counselor or life coach is the next best step in getting unstuck.)

Unstuck from Unstuck on Vimeo.


2. Unstuck, the book and gotandem

This is a great resource if you are stuck spiritually. I wrote a review of the the book here. I signed up for gotandem too. Both the book and gotandem were assets to me in my growth as a believer. Whatever the cause of the un-stuck-ness, getting better connected with God essential. These resources can help.

goTandem Whiteboard video from gotandem on Vimeo.

3. Clarify your goals

Sometimes the problem is not in knowing what the goal is but getting off the ground and doing it. This resource is available for free by subscribing to Realing in Life blog updates. Read about this resource for setting great goals here.

Start getting unstuck today

Take a look at these three resources and take some steps forward.


What do you do to get unstuck?

What resources do you recommend or have been helpful when you have been stuck?


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