Apr 14 2014

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The Plan (round two): Surprising results

The Plan: (round two) Surprising Results

Last year, I did the 20-day plan from Lyn-Genet Recitas’ book, The Plan. My husband had been having some health issues and decided this anti-inflammatory diet might be worth trying. I am doing it because I know it’s healthy but, more importantly, to support my husband.

Here are my findings after almost a week:

  1. I never imagined I would crave salt over sugar. I did—especially with the first three days. I dreamt of salt. Countless times, I said, “This would taste better with salt.”
  2. Even without coffee, I feel more awake. Even though I haven’t been getting a full 8 hours of sleep (I have always thought I needed that much), I have woken up before my alarm more than once. If you know me, you know this is near miraculous.
  3. My husband has not had any of his troubling tummy issues since starting the diet.
  4. The first three days are tougher with both of us doing it. It’s not because there is more food prep, it’s the new levels of grumpiness x2. We both had some moodiness. I was weakening by the third day not because of the restrictions of the diet but because we (Mr. Real and I) were, how shall I say it, having less than amiable interactions. Be warned if you are doing this as a couple. It was relationship stretching.
  5. Mr. Real likes the food on the diet. He isn’t thrilled with the flaxseed granola, but has eaten it every day of the diet so far. (We are both looking forward to some breakfast variety this week.)
  6. I dropped 4 lbs during the 3-day cleanse. I have been increasing my exercise this year and had gained a pound. I don’t know if the weight is from inflammation or intestinal cleansing, but the scale says I weigh 4 pounds less. My clothes, by the way, feel pretty much the same.
  7. Most days, I don’t feel like eating. The portions seem large (although I haven’t had a problem eating it all). I feel full most of the day. I suspect it has to do with the balance of protein throughout the day and staying hydrated. (I am no nutritionist, but I know both of those factors help with quelling hunger pangs.)

We have more days ahead

We are far from finished. We have about two more weeks to go. What will we discover along the way? I will let you know.

Note: The picture is of me standing on a scale. The scale is important in the Plan because that is the main way to indicate a reaction to food.

If you are interested in getting the book, you can but it at Amazon. I bought the Kindle version (which is great because both my husband and I can share a copy), but there are times I wish I had a hard copy of the book.

She has newer book that has much of the same material as the first book but looks at metabolism along with inflamation (according to the description).

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