Sep 02 2013

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Teen Cuisine — Teen meets book and makes AWESOME fries

teen cuisine

Teen Cuisine

This is not a book review. I haven’t read through Teen Cuisine, so I cannot comment on the entirety of the book. Looks like it has a variety of recipes, clear directions, and lovely pictures. The real test is making food, right?

Teen meets book…

My teenager’s name was picked to get a prize for the summer reading program at the library. Books were just one of the options. AND there were many books too. I spied the Teen Cuisine book and hoped he might pick it. He did. (Gotta love that.)

…and makes Awesome fries

Last night, he made the best baked french fries. They were just right. Just the right crunch with some softness. The flavor was perfect. There were some fries left on the tray, and I found myself venturing back to the kitchen for just one more fry. Sadly, they are all gone.

I may need him to make them again. And again. (They were perfect side to Mr. Real’s grilled hamburgers.)

Can you tell I loved the fries? How did he make such wonderful fries? He followed the recipe in this book, Teen Cuisine. If this recipe is any indicator of the other recipes in this book, I can’t wait for another experiment in the kitchen.


Note: My son was given a free copy of this book. My opinion is my own. Unlike a biased view of my kids (the best in the world), the review is my honest thoughts and reflections.

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