Nov 04 2013

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Teach Your Son How to Sew on a Button

Teach Your Son How to Sew on a Button

Teach Your Son How to Sew on a Button

There are many skills that get missed in the shuffle of life. Sometimes preparing our children for adult independence is focused on them going to college and landing a great job. At-home life skills get missed. Especially for boys. How to sew a button is one simple skill everyone should know.


Recently, my teenager came to me with his JROTC uniform. A button had fallen off. I got out my little sewing kit and said, “You need to learn how to do this.” So, as I sewed on his button, I talked him through what I was doing. (A button doesn’t take very long.) I didn’t expect he would need to take that crash course to the next level only a few days later.

We were heading off to a JROTC function–literally heading out the door–I sat down in the car. My teenager told me he hoped he wouldn’t need to wear his jacket because a button fell off. (It was the fatal mistake of pulling on a loose thread.) I ran back into the house and got my handy sewing kit. He was going to fix it himself as we drove to the event. There wasn’t another option.


So, as I drove, I talked him through. He got stabbed by the needle but persisted. He successfully sewed the button on–himself. I felt proud of him. Nothing like taking up a new skill under pressure.


This is my lesson. While I had told him he should learn how to sew on a button, I hadn’t given it much thought on the when and how to teach him. I was glad we had had our mini-lesson. The button tutorial is a small way I taught him independence. Will I have him sew on all his buttons from here on out–probably not. But, I want to be more intentional in teaching him skills that he will need in the future.

Why is this not “Teach your daughter how to sew on a button” too?


I will be teaching my daughters to sew too. But, in my somewhat old-fashioned way of thinking, I imagine my daughters will want to learn how to sew more than just a button. (In the same fashion, I want my daughter to know how to change a tire and swing a hammer.) Basic life skills are essential.


What life skills do you think are important to teach your kids?



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