Apr 05 2012

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Talk training Part 1: Not too different from potty training


I have three potty-trained children. I have one child who is not. She is quite comfortable, most of the time, going whenever and wherever she pleases: She is not trained. If any of my older children started to "go potty" in another location than the potty, I would think something was wrong. There are many similarities between talk training and potty training.

  1. Training takes time, patience and instruction.
  2. There will be many accidents when training.
  3. The accidents become less frequent as one grows in training.
  4. Accidents cause a mess–depending on where and how big of an accident, it may be a big mess or a small mess to clean up.
  5. Some messes are permanent (like stains on clothes or a stain on someone's reputation).
  6. What goes in is what comes out. If you want good words to come out, you have to put good things in.
  7. A trained person knows how to "hold it" when the urge comes and wait until the proper time and location to let it out.
  8. It is frowned upon to not be properly trained as one gets older.
  9. Just as no one enjoys being around someone walking around with a mess in his pants, no one likes being around stinky words. 
  10. It feels good to be trained. It's a part of being "big."

In this series, I hope to share some insights I have gathered from my process of talk training. In many ways, I am still in the midst of training. I make a mess with my words too frequently, but I am learning. 

What are some of the questions you have about talk training? What do you want to be included in this series? What are some of the best ideas/suggestions you have about talk training?


If you liked the word cloud, I made it using Wordle.


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  1. Francesca

    This is timely for me, Cheryl – I turned 50 this year, but I feel like this is something I still struggle with. Looking forward to the tools you plan to share!

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