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Sep 16 2016

Listen to Yourself

The Five Minute Friday word is listen. This picture reminds me of the path of choices we face every day. We take one step at a time. Listening is one choice. Listen to Yourself Go. “It’s going to be a bad day.” I can hear the words flow out of my mouth without thinking. “I’m …

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May 02 2016

A Stone to Remember

A stone to remember Who gives out stones? My church did it as a way to remember the lesson and to apply the truth of the lesson in our own lives. (Click here to listen to the message.) When I first heard the pastor talk about getting a stone, I quickly dismissed it. I didn't …

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Jan 29 2016

Five Minute Friday: Quiet

The word for today is quiet. This word reminded me of a recent parenting fail. Quiet Go. “Shut up!” The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them. Before I could filter or think about them. Ugly words. They felt just right at the time when I was saying them. But once …

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