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Dec 14 2016

Avoid these 5 Mistakes When Making Christmas PJ Pants

Avoid these 5 Mistakes When Making Christmas PJ Pants Just for clarification, I’m not a professional in the sewing department. I’m not a novice either. Somewhere between those two is where I see myself. If you’re totally new to sewing, this is not the place you want to come to get all the basics. If you’re a perfectionist or …

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Dec 03 2014

Gift giving for Christmas

Gift giving for Christmas I was recently asked about how to make extra money for Christmas gift giving. As I thought about a good answer, I realized that there are no cookie cutter answers that will work for everyone. A part-time job might work for some but be too much for others. I have older …

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Aug 06 2014

Easy Sew Sunglasses Case from Old Pants

Easy Sew Sunglasses Case from Old Pants Babycakes blew holes in the knees of her pants. The waste still fit, so I decided to make those pants into shorts. (These shorts are working great under her dresses–her preferred outfit is something that twirls.) With the leftover fabric, I made a sunglasses case for my sunglasses. …

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