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Aug 06 2014

Easy Sew Sunglasses Case from Old Pants

Easy Sew Sunglasses Case from Old Pants Babycakes blew holes in the knees of her pants. The waste still fit, so I decided to make those pants into shorts. (These shorts are working great under her dresses–her preferred outfit is something that twirls.) With the leftover fabric, I made a sunglasses case for my sunglasses. …

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Jul 31 2013

DIY PVC laundry shelf re-do

Do you remember the PVC laundry shelf I made for the house we were renting? Check out that post here.   PVC laundry shelf re-do That was for the laundry room we used to have. Now, we no longer have a room. We have a laundry closet. It is not large enough (nor is it …

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Jul 23 2012

New Toys from Items you Already Own

  I shouldn't be amazed by a child's ability to create new uses for items we have around the house, but I am. Shame on me for being creatively stinted when it comes to what something's purpose. My legs? Didn't you know they are a handy–and always available–slide for a 2-year old. Who doesn't know …

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