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Nov 21 2016

Thanksgiving Plans

“What are your plans for Thanksgiving?” I ask this question¬†most years as Thanksgiving approaches.¬†But isn’t there more to it than just a holiday? Cooking and eating and being with family. Couldn’t there be more than food and family? When the tryptophan is pulsating through your veins, will the big push towards Thanksgiving be fading? Most …

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May 06 2016

I miss you already

The word for today is miss. I wrote about this before in August 2014. Read about it here. I miss you already Go. “I miss you already.” I looked down and kissed her cheek. She looked so peaceful sleeping on her bed. I didn't expect a response, I knew this was the last I would …

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Jan 22 2016

Five Minute Friday: Present

The word for today is present. Present Go. Back when I was in school, a teacher called the names at the beginning of class. Each one could answer “here” or “present.” The teacher marked the roll of all the students present. But we all knew that we could be marked present and yet be totally …

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