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Jan 27 2017

The Power of Decluttering: The Day I Found $35 and My New Office

Note: This page contains affiliate links. (Marked with an asterisk.) If you choose to purchase products mentioned on this page, I do benefit–at no extra charge to you. My intention is to bring to your attention products I recommend. The Day I Found $35 and My New Office It’s not everyday I find money. Oh, …

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May 12 2016

I woke up tired (MOYE Day 8)

Wednesday morning, I woke up tired. Maybe I had a medicine hangover. (Any medicine I take that may cause drowsiness will cause me drowsiness. If I take it at night, I feel the effects in the morning.) Knowing I felt tired depleted me even more. But, I had a full day ahead of me. What …

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Apr 29 2016

The P.A.S.S. Test

The word for today is pass. The P.A.S.S. Test Go. Saying no to what seem like great opportunities is difficult for me. This is the reason I have hundreds of (unread) ebooks in my library. I want to download everything. I want to follow the next new idea. But there isn't enough time in the …

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