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Feb 06 2017

Don’t Believe a Lie

Don’t Believe a Lie   “What I do doesn’t matter.” I believe this lie when I work hard and don’t get the results I think I should. I use this lie to lead me down into┬ádiscouragement and despair. When I hold on to it, I stop pursuing my dreams, goals, and passions. I know it’s┬ánot …

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Sep 16 2016

Listen to Yourself

The Five Minute Friday word is listen. This picture reminds me of the path of choices we face every day. We take one step at a time. Listening is one choice. Listen to Yourself Go. “It’s going to be a bad day.” I can hear the words flow out of my mouth without thinking. “I’m …

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Mar 07 2016

Defeating the Inner Liar

Defeating the Inner Liar Wouldn't it be nice if the voice of a lie sounded like a lie? You know, “Hello, I'm a lie. Don't believe me.” Instead, a lie sneaks into our hearts. A lie feels true. Right-down-to-the-toes true. Whether the lie sounds like our own thoughts or the voice of authority, it is …

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