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Jul 31 2017

How to respond when your spouse undermines your parenting

Have you ever felt the weight of your spouse undermining your parenting decision? How you handle it? Follow these four ideas to respond well.

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Jun 21 2017

How to weather the marriage storms of life (Three essentials you need)

As the marriage storms of life come, instead of getting stuck in survival mode, use these essentials to build your marriage into a better marriage.

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Mar 07 2016

Defeating the Inner Liar

Defeating the Inner Liar Wouldn't it be nice if the voice of a lie sounded like a lie? You know, “Hello, I'm a lie. Don't believe me.” Instead, a lie sneaks into our hearts. A lie feels true. Right-down-to-the-toes true. Whether the lie sounds like our own thoughts or the voice of authority, it is …

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