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Dec 07 2016

Take Family Pictures During the Holidays: 5 Helps to Make it Happen

Don’t forget to take family pictures. That seems obvious, right? But it’s often the last thing I think about unless I am in full-on photographer mode. Before I know it, the day is almost over, and I am sad I didn’t have a few good family pictures to go along with the holiday. I want to experience …

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May 30 2016

Memorial Day: We honor you

  Memorial Day   Did you know when you signed the papers, when you said the oath, that you'd lay down your life?   Did you know it then? Or did you wrap the thoughts with a cloak of honor and pride, And tuck possibility into a place called “come what may”?   When the …

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Nov 11 2015

Frugally Minded: Make Do

Frugally Minded: Make Do What do you do when there is no bread or cereal in the house—and you don't have plans for grocery shopping for the next day? You take a look around and get creative. Or, that is what I do. And when I say I do, I am usually including a capable …

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