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Mar 13 2017

What to do when the news isn’t good

What to do when the news isn’t good I lived in fear. After a series of phone calls—all announcing bad news—my chest tightened when I heard the phone ring. I didn’t start that way, but when one call came after another turning “bad” into “worse,” my body felt dread long before my mind created worrisome thoughts. Even though I firmly …

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May 06 2016

I miss you already

The word for today is miss. I wrote about this before in August 2014. Read about it here. I miss you already Go. “I miss you already.” I looked down and kissed her cheek. She looked so peaceful sleeping on her bed. I didn't expect a response, I knew this was the last I would …

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Aug 09 2014

Kid Quotes: I miss you already

Kids say shocking, funny, sweet, wonderful, insightful, deep things. I am often caught off guard when the phrase is uttered, but I am thankful for the ways I am inspired or, quite often, amused by their words. I have decided to share a quote each week. If you have a good quote to share, please …

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