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Mar 13 2017

What to do when the news isn’t good

What to do when the news isn’t good I lived in fear. After a series of phone calls—all announcing bad news—my chest tightened when I heard the phone ring. I didn’t start that way, but when one call came after another turning “bad” into “worse,” my body felt dread long before my mind created worrisome thoughts. Even though I firmly …

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Jan 27 2017

God’s in Control, Rest in His Sovereignty

How do you rest in God when you want to control or feel out of control? God’s in control. Resting in God’s sovereignty comes when we meditate on his word.

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Dec 09 2016

Rest in JOY

The Five Minute Friday word is joy. Do you remember the Jesus Others You acronym? That’s the first thing that cam to my mind when I thought of the word joy. (I wrote about it before here this year and here last year. It’s it fun to see how one word can have so many meanings …

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