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Apr 10 2017

Fighting Fickle

Fighting Fickle ¬†Palm Sunday¬†marks the beginning of the Passion week from the Triumphal Entry, to the Cross, and then Resurrection Sunday. (Click here for an infographic of the events of the Passion Week.) I think of the crowd that laid down the branches and cloaks on one day and, just a few days later, yelled, …

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Mar 24 2016

Preparing for Easter 2016

Preparing for Easter 2016 My week isn't going to slow down for an upcoming holiday. In fact, holidays often require more of me: special meals, events, family and friends visiting. But as I consider Easter, a special time set aside in our calendar to remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, I need to …

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Apr 03 2015

Five Minute Friday: Good Friday

The word for today is good. Good Friday After the first day of creation, God said, “It is good.” I take that in and agree. Before He had finished creation, He looked at Adam. “It is not good,” God said, “for man to be alone.” Again, I feel the amen rise in me. But when …

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