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Mar 04 2015

Homeschool Writing: 3 Awesome Resources

Homeschool Writing: 3 Awesome Resources I like to write. I am always looking for ways to develop myself as a writer. My elementary and middle school children are avid readers and budding writers. In my efforts to expand their writing, I have given them weekly writing assignments. Currently, we are exploring the world of writing …

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Aug 23 2014

A Must Read by BunBun: The Big-nosed Princess

The Big-nosed Princess BunBun wrote and illustrated this story just for fun. (I did help with some editing, but this is her brainchild.) After drawing the first picture, BunBun noticed how the princess' nose looked. The nose was bigger than it should be, and out popped the story. That's how inspiration comes sometimes. BunBun is …

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Aug 20 2014


CAKE Run Beginning the day at 6am, I stagger into the kids’ rooms. First to Bear, and then to BunBun. Time to get up. Time to run. The goal: a 5 minute warmup walk and 15 minutes of running at a reasonable pace. After our run, we do a few minutes of calisthenics. Three times …

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