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Dec 28 2016

Making a Gingerbread House Village

Making a Gingerbread House Village I didn’t set out to make a gingerbread house village for Christmas this year. Normally, I make oneĀ gingerbread house for us to share like this. Or like this. How do I fit it in before Christmas? I don’t know. But Christmas was already upon me, and I knew gingerbread would …

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Nov 11 2015

Frugally Minded: Make Do

Frugally Minded: Make Do What do you do when there is no bread or cereal in the houseā€”and you don't have plans for grocery shopping for the next day? You take a look around and get creative. Or, that is what I do. And when I say I do, I am usually including a capable …

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Aug 13 2014

Feeding 6: One Chicken, Three Meals

We have a family of six. Four children, ages 4-15. Two adults. My two main goals in meal planning are healthy and within budget. Healthy is a term thrown around that can mean a lot of different things. For us, healthy does not mean excusively organic, homemade, or non-refined sugar. I think well of all …

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