Jan 30 2013

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Stop Procrastinating! Week 5: Progress

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I am joining Sidetracked Sarah with her Stop Procrastinating Facebook Party again. Read about her idea at her blog here. I need to get focused on bringing my house in order.


Progress is slow. I'd love to say that my list is done from last week. I got two things done from my list. One partially done item–than I can't cross off as done until the other part is done. Sigh. I'd hard to celebrate partial.

This past week, I have been reminded of how deeply rooted my desire is to procrastinate. I end up doing what is screaming the loudest (sometimes, literally). Without good planning, I run from this to that. Even with planning (and a good amount of desire), I can easily convince myself of doing it later.

As I come to new things that are overdue, I cannot neglect the plans I had originally made. The thought overwhelms me, but I am pleased with my progress. Even the progress to move forward in some of these areas is progress.

This is my official report on what I got done last week:

Notice that there are only 2 things marked off the list. After the Facebook time, I did not get back to things except for laundry and dishes. I did make great progress on my book. I plan to finish it this week! The anti-procrastinating did.

This is what is left from last week:

The toilets were cleaned, but I didn't clean all the counters. The rest was, untouched. 🙁







Goals for this week:

  1. Update a page on Pure Play site.
  2. Work on butterfly gift.
  3. Wipe down bathroom counters.
  4. De-clutter and organize the pantry. Another round of 15 minutes.
  5. De-clutter and organize ONE box from the FROG (free room over garage). Finish the bag.
  6. De-clutter laundry room.
  7. De-clutter my closet and clothes. This will take more than one round. I may need to keep working at it 15 minutes at a time until it's done.

What do you think?

Are you a long-committed procrastinator? Will you join me in this adventure of kicking it out with 15 minutes of attack? Please join me and share your victories.


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