Jan 02 2013

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Stop Procrastinating! Can I? Week 1

Stop Procrastinating!

Is it possible for a long-committed procrastinator to stop? I have a laundry list of need-to-do tasks. January is often the time of year to re-up standards. The clutter needs to go. Organization, here I come.

Sidetracked Sarah is promoting a Wednesday, Stop Procrastinating Facebook Party. Read about her idea at her blog here. I have decided to use this as a motivator to kick out the procrastinator in me. Will it work? I will keep you posted each week. First weeks are notorious for lots of energy. As the weeks continue, the procrastinator in me will want to take over again.

My first 15 minutes

Write a list of tasks I am putting off.

Here’s what I came up with in the 15 minute time:

  1. De-clutter under the guest sink.
  2. De-clutter under the kids’ sink.
  3. De-clutter under my sink.
  4. De-clutter under the my husband’s sink.
  5. De-clutter under the kitchen sink.
  6. De-clutter and organize the pantry.
  7. De-clutter and organize the FROG (free room over garage).
  8. De-clutter laundry room.
  9. De-clutter my closet and clothes.
  10. Finalize the finances for December.
  11. Do some pre-de-cluttering: gather containers for recycling, trash, and sell/give away; take the ugly before pictures.

Daunting. I don’t intend on getting it all done today. The goal was to get it out of my head and onto some paper. Some tasks are more pending than others. There are more tasks to tackle, but these are all bothering me and tasks I have avoided.

My second 15 minutes

I de-cluttered under sinks: the guest and kids’ sinks. Here are the before and after pictures.

Under the guest sinkguestbathdeclutter

I need to do a better job of capturing the ugly of it. If you can imagine, there is another door on the left. It is stacked with empty toilet paper rolls and a wad of paper towel (possible creation of Bear’s). The only explanation for the empty toilet paper rolls are my thoughts of crafting with it someday.

Now I have room for hand towels and a better place for our rice sack (heating pad).

Under the kids’ sinkkidsbathdeclutter

Again, there is more to the left of the picture. There is plenty in front. It’s easy to procrastinate when I can simply shut the doors and not look at it.

Now I have a place for bath toys and spare towels and wash cloths. Yeah!

What do you think?

Are you a long-committed procrastinator? Will you join me in this adventure of kicking it out with 15 minutes of attack? Please join me and share your victories.

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