Apr 29 2013

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Sneaker Health: Lyn-Genet Plan Review

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Lyn-Genet Plan Review

It took me more than 20 days to complete The Lyn-Genet Plan*. The major reason for the extended time was travel. The Plan is not easy while being away from home for multiple days. Eating healthily while away from home, in general, takes more effort. But The Plan’s initial 20 days are very specific, and I did not see value in driving myself crazy maintaining it. So, I put it on hold and went back on track and completed the course.

Lyn-Genet Plan Results

The biggest success is being Benadryl free the entire time since starting The Plan. I have not been completely itch free, but it has decreased to such a point that I no longer need it. That’s a major win.

I did lose some weight (not a primary goal, but I’ll take it). I have been feeling more energetic. Win. Win.

Lyn-Genet Plan — The Good

Here are 5 good results of reading The Lyn-Genet Plan* and following the 20-day plan.

  1. I tried new foods and new recipes that are both healthy and tasty.
  2. I learned to pay attention to the signals my body is telling me.
  3. I dispelled the notion that there is nothing I can do to change the way my body feels. My dietary choices matter.
  4. I feel empowered to better take care of my body.
  5. I reduced my sodium intake and am enjoying foods without the extra sodium. My family thinks I’m crazy for eating salt-free potato chips. I like them that way now–and I thought I never would.

Lyn-Genet Plan — The Hard

Here are 5 hard realities of The Lyn-Genet Plan

  1. The new foods and new recipes take time to prepare. Planning ahead is a must. 
  2. The daily plans are very specific for the first 20 days. Variations create questions on the results. After the 20 days, there is a framework to work with and add to but not before then.
  3. Timing of water intake is hard. No water during meals and 45 minutes before and after meals cramped my day. While I understand and agree with the reasoning, it was a difficult adjustment.
  4. The initial three days were very difficult. I hated going without caffeine, salt, and sugar during that time. Oh, I can still remember how my head hurt. It did improve with each day, but it was tough.
  5. I had questions that weren’t answered in the book. While the book is very informative, I leaned heavily on the resources found on her site to answer some of my questions. Even then, I still had some questions that weren’t answered.

Lyn-Genet Plan — My Recommendations

I cannot answer the question for whether you should try The Lyn-Genet Plan*. I know that my health has improved since doing this diet. Even though I would have modified parts of the layout of the book and wanted more of my questions answered, I see the value of Lyn-Genet’s method of investigatory dieting. It a a book worth considering.

My week ten goals completed

  1. Complete The Plan* days 17-20.
  2. Take a look at the days 21+ and decide where I want to go from there. I am taking a break from The Plan as such, but I have made some lifestyle changes that are Plan friendly. 😀
  3. Write a review of the book and lessons learned.
  • There are differing opinions on how much time is needed to test a food for reaction. Will a shorter time negate results? Does it make a difference if I am looking for a skin reaction rather than an intestinal reaction?
  • Does time of weighing matter? From my experience, it hasn’t made a difference as far as I can tell. That’s not a professional option. I am open to learning more.
  • Is it important to have all meals before a certain time too? Again, I haven’t seen much of a difference if I ate a little bit later in the evening.

Have you been following my journey?

Do you have any questions about my experience with The Plan* that you want answered? Are you considering using The Plan* or another diet? What are components of a diet are important to you? Is it weight loss? Ease of use? Other considerations?

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