Dec 24 2012

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Sneaker Health: Celebrate


How did praying go last week? Don't give up on that. I know that praying throughout the week encouraged me to make better choices. I don't know if God was directly helping me or if the fact I had an active reminder helped, but that does not matter. A better choice is always a reason to celebrate.

It is a holiday season. Christmas is tomorrow. Then, New Year's Eve and Day will be coming quickly as well. Celebrating means different feelings, thoughts, and activities for different people. For some, it becomes the reason to slip in the healthy choices department. This is not the kind of celebrating I am recommending.

I am recommending celebrating the victories in health, both big and small. So often, health requires us to look at what is amiss. There is a time and place for that. I find that focus discouraging. Celebrating what I am doing well is encouraging. Keep a notepad of victories. Make a goal of celebrating at the end of the week for x number of victories. Reward yourself by acknowledging you did accomplish something–even if it is a small something.

Did you drink water? (Even if it is is just one glass, it's better than no glass) Yeah! Did you eat some extra veggies? (Maybe you didn't get in all your veggies, but it is better than no veggies) Yeah! Did you say “no” to a second helping of dessert? (That first helping might have been a mistake, but if you resisted the temptation for a second, give yourself some credit)Yeah! It may not be all you want or hope for health! but a step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction.


Celebrating the victories will not be met with resistance (unless I get rigid in record keeping). The victories will keep me moving toward more victories.


Accentuating the positive infuses life into healthy choices.


If you are accustom to giving yourself a food treat as a reward for good behavior, this will send you into the wrong direction. Decide ahead of time how you will celebrate. What kind of rewards can you build into your week that don't involve food or money (or not much money)? These rewards will motivate without taking away for your healthy goals. It promotes overall health as well. You are giving yourself credit for progress.

What do you think?

Will you keep a journal of your successes? What ways will (or do) you reward personal success?

Will you join me? Let's celebrate. (Lurk if you must, but I'd rather know you are being a sneaker with me.)

I don't have all the answers. I have worked hard to lose over 20 lbs and get into better physical condition this year. I am not done. I want to learn and grow and change. Accountability, encouragement, and education are important. Will you join me? This is not a commitment to a specific healthy living regiment. Each week, I will be writing about sneaking health into our lives. Ideally, we will share our ideas, our struggles, our victories, and our lessons learned. Write a comment below if you are in. Let's do this together.


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