Apr 16 2012

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Reuse and recycle old school papers

I wonder if everyone already does this, but it may be something you haven't thought to do. I get bombarded with endless school papers. I have three school-aged children. The two middle children are in elementary school and hand over piles and piles of school papers. There are papers to sign, completed school papers and papers about happenings at the school. What are we supposed to do with all that paper? Recycle, of course. But let's do something better. Let's reuse what we can and then recycle again.

  1. I have a 2-year old who loves to color. I've got paper. She doesn't care it's got writing on it. In fact, this paper is even BETTER for the writing on it. The downside is that my school-aged children have to be careful not to leave out papers they want to keep. She doesn't know the difference.
  2. I love my technology, but sometimes I want to write something down. I've got paper. It's perfect for writing a note or a reminder. I'm going to throw it in the recycling anyway. It doesn't have to be shiny and  new for that.
  3. My kids like to create with paper. I encourage them to make a draft first. I've got paper. They can cut and color and draw to their heart's content.

So maybe I'm a mom who doesn't keep every sweet school memory in a vault in the attic for when they are grown so they can see how they did their spelling words in 1st grade. If you do, then that is how you want to use your papers–no judgment. I do ask my kids what they want to do with their papers. If they want to keep them, we keep them. If not, I look through them. Blank on one side is perfect. I fold it in quarters and have them in a little box on my desk. A stack goes next to the printer. The clean side is great for printer drafts. Some goes to BabyCakes, my two-year-old. Some is left in the dining room where the kids do school work and crafting.

Recycle and then recycle. It just makes sense. There are some people who have even more amazing ways to recycle paper. I am in awe of you. But for those of us who do want to contribute to recycling, this is too simple not to do. if you are one of those amazing people, please add a comment and link of your best recycle paper ideas.

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