Dec 09 2016

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Rest in JOY

The Five Minute Friday word is joy.

Do you remember the Jesus Others You acronym? That’s the first thing that cam to my mind when I thought of the word joy. (I wrote about it before here this year and here last year. It’s it fun to see how one word can have so many meanings depending on where you are in your journey.)

But as I thought more, I came up with a new acronym, one that hits me harder. One that presses me deeper into my wayward self. In pressing deeper, I will find joy.

A kind of joy that strengthens me for the challenges ahead.

A joy I can rest in.


Rest in JOY


Jesus owns you. I can hear the words in my heart, directed at me. The words reach deep. They take the parts of me that want to scream: I own me. I am the master of my destiny. I get to choose. In a sense, I do have a choice. My will is an option. But I can’t rest in that. There is no peace there. Joy isn’t joy. It is a pick-myself-up-by-my-own-strength life. One that is orphaned and has to do it alone. No joy.

When I rest in whose I am, I can have joy. Like a babe, who is resting in her mother’s arms. She knows whose she is. The smiles are free. The weight is all in her (mother’s) capable arms.

I have a creator. AND, He bought me with a price. He owns me twice over. He knows me down to the smallest parts of my being. He knows how I work. He knows my beginning, my end, and all of it in-between. He is clear-minded.

When I rest in God’s ownership, I can put all my weight in his sovereignty. When I am not carrying the weight of the world, I am free to live and rest in joy.


Will you choose to rest in God’s ownership?

What are you holding on to that needs to be put into God’s hands? Will you rest in God’s sovereignty for that area of your life? God wants to meet you in the deepest parts of your pain. He wants to provide his comfort and provision. You don’t have to live like an orphan. In putting yourself under him, you are inviting him to lead and provide.

Share your story.

Are these words encouraging to you? Share.

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  1. Gabriele

    Cheryl, I love your new acronym. Yes, being owned is not a statement considered politically correct but in the words of Peter they are simmering in truth. After all what is a Redeemer but one who buys you back and saves you from being owned by destructive forces.

    1. Cheryl

      Yes, ownership is not a popular idea, but running from the idea keeps us from all the riches found in Christ.

  2. Rebecca C.

    I’m your FMF neighbor. The same acronym came to my mind (Jesus, others, you) when I first saw the word. I like your new acronym and will be thinking about it when I see the word Joy.
    Rebecca C. recently posted…Five Minute Friday ~ JoyMy Profile

    1. Cheryl

      I’m so glad you came by. Let me know what new thoughts come as you ponder my acronym.

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