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Realing defined

Real living in a real world

We live in a real world, but the world around us doesn’t always look real. With Pinterest perfect pictures and photoshopped models, my real feels…embarrassing. Who promotes parent failure and burnt dinner? What about struggling in marriage or wrestling with a secret sin, or anger with God. Real life can’t be photoshopped. It shouldn’t be. Instead, real life celebrates our common struggles along with our victories.

The Power of the GospelThe power of the Gospel in real life

Realing in Life is about real life being transformed by the Gospel. The Gospel is the good news of salvation found by faith alone in Jesus Christ. But salvation is not a future, someday reality, salvation is for our today too. The Gospel has the power to transform your marriage, parenting, and all your relationships because God is the only one who can help you sort through the chaos in your heart, your soul, and your mind. That chaos needs to be redeemed. A relationship with God intersects with every aspect of life. As your relationship with God grows, you will find yourself not needing to be so perfect because you are becoming perfected by resting the weight of your soul in the hands of a perfect, loving Father God.

Have you ever felt alone, like you don’t match up to the perfect world around you? Would you like to find out how the Gospel can meet you where you are and give you hope? You can have hope for today, right now.

Is it possible to grow into wholeness in the trenches of life?

Realing in Life is about growing into God’s design of wholeness while living in the midst of the real trenches of motherhood. Kids need to be fed–now. Bills need to be paid–yesterday. Marriage doesn’t stay in honeymoon land perpetually–even if he learns how to put the toilet seat down and you stop telling him how to drive. A healthy body gets harder with every year. Life throws unexpected punches–old wounds from the past are ripped open and the future looks uncertain.

Even with the demands of life, it is possible to grow into God’s design for you. You are not a mistake, nor is your life a mistake. God has not abandoned you. He wants to meet you, the real you, and introduce you to the real him. If you let him, he can give your heart comfort–the kind your heart has been aching for. He can give your mind wisdom–the kind you know you need because parenting is near maddening sometimes and who knows how to do this parenting thing right all the time. He can fill your soul to overflowing joy and rest–because peace with God is indescribable joy.

Yes, realing is not a “real” word

I made up realing to promote telling real stories rather than fake, impressive ones. I am on a journey of growth. I want to become the person God has designed me to be. I want to be made whole, but I am broken. I share my victories because each one is hard earned. I share what God is teaching my heart as I purpose to listen to him because I know I am utterly lost with his guidance.

What I won’t be realing about

If you want to find all the dark secrets of my life, you won’t find them here. Realing is not about exposing myself for entertainment purposes. And I will never post anything about family or friends without their approval. But when God puts his hands on my struggles and works the miracle of transformation in my heart, I will be realing about it. Realing brings our lives together to God’s glory.

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  1. Angela Goldring Dion

    I LOVE this! I'm going to steal that word.

    1. Cheryl

      Steal? You wouldn’t do that, would you? I hope you do use it. It would be great to hear someone else use it in a sentence. LOL.

      1. Teri

        Here is a sentence for you. Realing is defined as my mother, it is her last name.

  2. Betty Schmeck

    We have traced the Realing family back to England in the 1700’s. So guess you didn’t make up the word.

    1. Cheryl

      I see you have done research into your family name.

  3. David C Abernathy

    Realing has been a Family surname for many generations. So, NO, you did not make up this word.

    1. Cheryl

      I hadn’t considered it as a proper noun. Interesting.

  4. Betty Schmeck

    Does that mean I didn't exist until you made up the word? Can't be stolen, it's already mine!

    1. Cheryl

      I hope I am helping promoting the goodness of the name.

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