Apr 07 2017

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Reaching past my enough (and learning to check in)

The Five Minute Friday word is enough.


Reaching past my enough


“Shut up.” I yelled.

At a student.

I knew I shouldn’t yell.

But I did.

I let his little ramblings hit my nerves until I had reached my limit. What I thought was my enough was actually past that point. Had I been more self aware, I would have stopped it beforehand. Being a young teacher and in my twenties, I wasn’t aware of my temper until it was well past enough. (I’m older now, but I still am not always aware of my limits.)

If I listen to my body, mind, and spirit, I have a better chance at balance. Listening means stopping and taking stock. Have I reached my enough? If so, I need to redirect. When I listen and respect the cues, I will take better care of myself—and the people around me. Whenever I don’t listen, I wait until I’m well past enough and lose it. Or collapse. Or fumble my responsibilities.


Do you listen and respond to your body, mind, and spirit before you hit the breaking point?

When I yelled, the room stood still. Everyone, including me, was in shock at my words. I felt my face flush and knew I had to apologize. I was wrong. Even though it was the only time I yelled like that, I’m sad I ever did.

My own children have experienced my ugly side when I let my tank run on empty and ignore my body and emotion cues. I’m working at being more self-aware. This takes intentionality.


Whenever I listen, I get to choose the direction of my life—a life that includes margin. Margin allows me to handle life better. One way I’m listening is through 7 minutes of silence. While it might seem like I’m doing nothing, I’m practicing resting in God’s sovereignty by being still and knowing he is God (Psalm 46:10). I include 7 minutes of silence during my devotional time. But this practice helps whenever “past enough” hits me hard.

What about you? Do you listen to your body? What about your heart? Take a few minutes and check in. Do this before you hit exhaustion or explosion, and you will be happy you did. Invite your support team (friends and family) to help.

What is Five Minute Friday?

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Five Minute Friday

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  1. Stephanie Thompson


    Your post speaks to all of us about our unchecked edges. It particularly spoke to me as I am recovering from a mental collapse last week. After years dealing with a chain of struggles and trying to be “enough”, my mind literally shut down. The message was clear: I am not enough. Jesus IS. The implications involve acknowledging my limits and trusting others to help carry the load. Sometimes I am so busy attending to the needs of others, that I neglect attending to mine. Again Jesus IS enough. And when I trust Him, everyone around me is better for it.

    1. Cheryl

      Jesus IS enough. May you find grace, strength, and wisdom as you walk in him.

  2. GGMandy

    “Whenever I listen, I get to choose the direction of my life—”

    I like that. listening and paying attention is the way to have a joyful life. It’s our choice!

    1. Cheryl

      I forget how much choice I have. We can choose joy.

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