Dec 18 2013

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Preschool Songs for the Morning and Bedtime Routine

Preschool Morning and Evening Routine Songs

As Babycakes sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat while we were getting ready for bed, I felt inspired to write a couple new songs. I wrote these preschool songs for our bedtime and morning routines.

Feel free to use my inspiration to make your own routine songs.

Do you have Row, Row, Row Your Boat in your head? If not, hum it through.

Morning Song

Potty, wipe, flush, and wash,

Then you get to eat.

After breakfast get yourself dressed,

Then you brush your teeth.

Note: The story behind Then you get to eat is because Babycakes wanted to skip going potty and head straight to breakfast. At the time, she was wearing a night-time “cover” (that is what we called the cloth diaper over her panties). Going potty first helped me know if she was dry overnight. She didn’t like choosing the potty first thing in the morning, so the morning song emphasized going potty first.


Bedtime Song

Potty, wipe, flush, and wash,

Then you brush your teeth.

Jammies, story, song, and pray,

Then you go to sleep.

Note: Our original words were Jammie’s, story, jump into bed, but we didn’t want to forget song and pray.

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