Dec 07 2012

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Preparing for Christmas: Advent

AdventPreparing for Christmas: Advent

advent (ˈædvɛnt, -vənt) — n. an arrival or coming, esp one which is awaited

[C12: from Latin adventus, from advenīre , from ad- to + venīre to come]

Advent | Define Advent at Dictionary.com


The traditional celebration of Advent starts four weeks before Christmas. People celebrate Advent in various ways, but the main focus is a celebration of the first coming of Christ. We remember why He came, and that He is coming again. It is a wonderful time to re-center ourselves as we recount the miraculous details of the story from the numerous prophecies predicting who Messiah would be all the way to the star that led travelers from the East.

Resources you can use today to help you prepare for Christmas

Thriving Magazine Advent Calendar

We have celebrated Advent different ways throughout our years as a family. One way we have celebrated is by using the free materials providing by Thriving Family magazine.

We subscribe to the Thriving Family magazine–a free publication. (Click here for the iOS app*.) If you click here, you get the Advent calendar and check out other free resources. The best part about digital content is that you can benefit from it immediately.
Every year, there is a theme that directs the focused Bible passages, activities and discussion questions. Even though there is eleven years difference between my youngest and oldest, there is enough for everyone to get something from it.
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One year, we listened to an audio clip from the Radio Theater’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Our, at the time, 8-year old had enough pause in his day to ask some pressing spiritual questions. Isn’t that what we all need as we celebrate His first coming and prepare for His second?

YouVersion.com Devotionals

Another great resource is through youversion.com. You can click on the link to view it online or download the iOS app*. One devotional I found was based upon the book by Louie Giglio, Waiting Here for You* (This is link to the iBook version).

Don’t forget to Pause

However you choose to celebrate the Christmas season, pause–give some time and thought. Allow God to press on your heart. Give your children an opportunity to pause too. My children are going to take in different elements of the Christmas story and drink it in at varying depths. With eleven years difference in their ages, you’d expect that. But don’t be surprised when the youngest one catches on the deepest, most profound truth–and she does it without knowing she has caught us all by surprise. Children can do this. So don’t sell young ones short by leaving them out of the spiritual depth that is a shorter reach for their naturally child-like faith.

How do you celebrate the Christmas season?

In addition to the Advent reading, we have other traditions: a gingerbread houseour Christmas letters, reading the Christmas story, and taking time to see the beautiful Christmas lights.

What are some activities you have done or plan on doing to celebrate the season?

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