Jul 07 2017

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Praying the Truth about God

pray the truth about GodPraying the Truth about God

I stood in the doorway freezing. Winter is no time to get locked out. But I was a kid and didn’t have a key. I didn’t know when anyone would be coming home. And even though I didn’t have the best relationship with God, I prayed. I played a game with God and made a crazy bargain. Something that began with, “If someone would come home soon, I’lll…” I pleaded.

I believed God heard me, but I didn’t understand how prayer worked or didn’t work. I gave it a try.

I survived that cold day. I don’t remember how God answered, but I remember bargaining with him. I didn’t know the language of prayer, and I didn’t know the God of the Bible well.

When we don’t know the Bible, we don’t know to whom we speak. When we read and study scripture, we learn the language of prayer. Instead of a game to play, we are communicating with the God of the Bible.

When we pray, we should always have the character of God before us. That is learning to speak the truth about God.

Five Minute Friday

I’m joining other writers at Five Minute Friday with the word play. Play is so important. Read more about the three essentials for play time, space, and materials. This month, I’m putting my Friday focus on prayer. Above are my thoughts in five minutes. Read on for more about prayer.

Adoration is praying the truth about God

Have you heard about ACTS prayer?

  • A – Adoration
  • C – Confession
  • T – Thanksgiving
  • S – Supplication

Another way to think about adoration is praying the truth about God. To adore means “to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor” or “to pay divine honor to; worship.” But how can we adore God if we don’t know the truth about God? We can’t. 

As we read our Bible, God teaches us truth about himself. If we aren’t paying attention, we can miss how he reveals himself to us in his names, words, and actions. While God made us in his image, it’s easy to humanize him. When we make God human in our minds, we cease to understand him as he truly is. Instead, we can ask this question as we read: What does this teach me about God?

As we understand the truth about God, we become better equipped to pray the truth about God or adore him.

Learn about God from one verse

As I read my devotional this morning, I came across Judges 4:14.

“Deborah said to Barak, “Arise! For this is the day in which the LORD has given Sisera into your hands; behold, the LORD has gone out before you.” So Barak went down from Mount Tabor with ten thousand men following him.” Judges 4:14

In this verse, I learned truth about God:

  • He is LORD. The name “LORD” using all capital letters, from the Hebrew (Jehovah), is the proper name for the God of the Hebrews. This is one of God’s names. This name reminds me that he is in charge.
  • He is leader. When God is purposing to work, and invites me into what he is doing, he leads the way. He goes ahead.

In one verse, God renews my understanding of him. In response to this, I speak back these truths in prayer thanking him for who he is. Because he is LORD and lead, I lean into another truth, one about me—I am not LORD or lead. The weight of the world doesn’t belong on my shoulders. Now, that’s a reason to break out in praise.

What did you learn about God today?

If “nothing” is your answer, go back over a verse or passage you read today. Look at it again and ask: What does this passage teach me about God? Ask God to show you. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Learning to pray the truth instead of bargain with an unknown God

When I was a child, I didn’t have much understanding of the Bible. Over the years, I’ve read and taking time study the scripture. Even though I’ve been a believer for over thirty years, I’m still growing in my understanding of him. My thoughts of him continue to expand. He is bigger, greater, and more awesome than I ever imagined.

Instead of bargaining with God, I ask him for what I need because I know he is a loving Father. Rather than playing “let’s make a deal”, I go to him and rest in his provision. At least, that is my desire.


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