Dec 27 2013

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Post Christmas Reflections

Post Christmas Thoughts

This Christmas was very different from what I had imagined it would be as we decorated the house the day after Thanksgiving. There were some aspects of Christmas that remained: Christmas letters, Christmas pants, What does God Want for Christmas? reading, turkey with all the fixings. But other unexpected realities were present as well. Not that they were unpleasant, but they were unexpected.

I didn't expect to be the point person for Christmas dinner. With my mom's recent shoulder surgery, she wasn't able to do more than direct. Me taking lead wasn't the biggest deal, but what was awesome was seeing my dad step up and partner with me in the process. Usually, my mom is in the lead, and I help. This year, my dad and I partnered together (Mr. Real and My Teenager did some partnering with us too). It was work, but I remember it as Dad-Daughter time together (good memory). Unexpected, but good.

I did expect to see my new nephew, but I didn't expect to hold him until he fell asleep. That was awesome. I was looking forward to seeing him, but a sleeping baby in my arms is about the best baby time–next to a baby smile, but I'd take the sleeping baby snuggles first.

I expected to be touched by the Christmas letters, and I was, but I didn't know what would be written. There were funny parts, but some of the heartfelt words reached deep into my heart. I nearly cried it was so sweet, and I didn't expect that.

In the picture above, Babycakes is holding the nativity Baby Jesus from the What Does God Want for Christmas? set. I expected the older kids to complain (because they know the story, and we do this before opening presents), but they were super sweet. We took turns reading the scripture and opening the boxes. No complaints. My children are maturing, and that realization always catches me by surprise. (My babies growing up is a bittersweet reality.)

Christmas is behind, and we are staring down the rapidly approachng New Year. Come what may, expected or unexpected, here we come.


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