Jul 24 2014

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Picture of the week: Grace

Normally, the pictures are from things that happened this week. These pictures are from the past but I couldn't help but look over these pictures. These pictures are of my dear friend, Grace. Grace went home to be with the Lord this week. These words are in honor of her.


Wow, Grace. How can you be gone? Just like that? I am in still in shock of that reality. Not now. Not so soon.

How do I say goodbye to you? How do I honor the memory of who you were and of the sweet memories? I must, and I will stumble through the process. The sting of it catches me and the tears come. The sting of the loss is ever so deep because of the sweet, sweet memories we shared.

Here are a few good memories:

Long, long talks often filled with both deep soul baring as well as laughter. Always laughter. There were conversations fit just for you. You were a safe person. I never felt condemned or judged.

Watching the softer side flourish as you shared McDonald's breakfast with BunBun. You worked so hard to win her heart, and you did.

Awesome food. You were amazing with what you could do with food. You made it look so effortless, and it was a always wonderful.

Pregnancy massage. I had hoped you'd help me go into labor with Babycakes with the pressure points that can help that along. Even though I didn't go into labor then, the massage felt great. Magical hands.

Babycakes found a picture of you holding her in her baby book. She “remembered” you holding her as a baby. While I understand her sentiment, the truth is you were a great auntie to my kids.

I can still see you trying to wiggle one of BunBun's slow-to-leave teeth.

Some memories are tucked away in my heart just for us two. I am sad you are gone from my here and now, but I look forward to our meeting again. And when we meet again, we will not be constrained by the cloud of sin and death. How much sweeter that day will be. In that day, we will fully reflect the image of God. We will be free. We will both be whole. I look forward to that day.


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