Jun 06 2013

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Picture of the week: Stories,Treasures, Food

Stories Treasures Food

Stories,Treasures, Food

Earlier this week, Bear and I spoke to his 2nd grade class about our life in Kyrgyzstan. This was similar to the talk I did with my daughter’s 5th grade class. The biggest difference was the amount of time we had to share–we were given over an hour to share. It was a pleasure to share stories about our life there, to show some of our Kyrgyz treasures, and to provide a little Kyrgyz snack.

The food, pictured above, are mini “naan” loaves I made. While these little naan loaves are not the traditional size (or using the traditional recipe–I used my pizza dough recipe), I did use a naan stamp to decorate it. I also served osh. The students enjoyed the tasty treats.

Bear was only 2 1/2 when we went to Kyrgyzstan. He was almost 6 when we returned back to the US. Bear did not do a lot of talking, but he wanted to make sure he shared a story about our dog, Jackie, who was left behind. Kyrgyzstan was home to him, home to us all. Oh, sweet, sweet memories.

What stories, treasures, and food do you remember from your childhood?

If you were to share your favorite story from childhood, what would you say? What treasure would you show? What food would mark that memory?
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  1. Bill

    This picture reminds me of the time he was 2 or 3 years old and wanted to share a story with a children’s gathering in our home. He was scared to death, and spent the entire time looking at the floor, but he told a great story with lots of detail and then sat down. It was awesome.

    1. Cheryl

      I remember him sharing stories. Good memories.

  2. Janet

    Luv luv luv article

    1. Cheryl

      I’d love to hear about your favorite childhood stories.

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