Oct 18 2012

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Picture of the week – PVC Pipe Laundry Shelf

PVC Pipe Laundry Shelf

I finally got around to making my pvc pipe laundry shelf. I used the pvc pipe, elbows and T’s I already had. I came across a design for pvc shelving that inspired me. I didn’t have any crosses and didn’t need it to go higher, so the T’s worked perfectly.

The idea is to help my laundry baskets stack without having to lay them directly on top of each other.  As an added bonus, I can use the sides of the pipes as a place to hang wet items waiting to be put in the wash–so many times, they get mixed in with the dry things, and if I don’t find it until later, yuck. While a more permanent shelving solution would look nicer, this fits the bill for us as renters.

If nothing else, it feels good to get a little something off my list. Of course, this doesn’t make all that laundry disappear, but I feel better going in there now.

This is not a tutorial, but if you want more details on what I did, I am glad to provide them. Just let me know in your comments.

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  1. Angela M Beery

    This is so great! I would love to know the measurements you used!

    1. Cheryl

      Thanks for asking. I didn’t measure that first version, but I measured my updated laundry shelf. Take a look at it here: http://realinginlife.com/pvc-laundry-shelf-re-do-again/ Would you like those measurements?

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