Aug 14 2014

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Picture of the Week: In the Lego Zone

In the Lego Zone

In the Lego Zone

Maybe this doesn’t happen in your house. You know, that sudden realization that the house is quiet. There are four kids in the house, and it was quiet. (Not entirely quiet. There was the distinct sound of rustling through Legos.) Since my kids are not toddlers, I was not too worried about tiny toys being stuck up the nose or fingers in sockets. I do regularly check in on my kids to see what they are doing, but, in this situation, I felt compelled to figure out why it was so quiet.

I came upon a common scene in this house: Lego building. My kids, all four of them, love to build with Legos. Three of them were all in the Lego Zone, but what Bear was doing was interesting to me. He was sorting by color. He has a lot of sorting if he wants to get through all the Legos. Our house has mountains of Legos. Most of them have been added to the Lego combined bins. I’m unclear as to what he will do with all the color sorted sets. It intrigues me. Intrigued is a feeling I have often around here with my creative dynamos.

The Lego zone discovery is a proof against the theory that a quiet child is getting into mischief. (In my experience, I have found that young, young children tend to hide–almost instinctively–when they have a “package” or are getting into something in the “no no” category. Makes me laugh to think of some of what I have found when I checked in on a quiet child.)

Do you have an “in the zone” story to share?

Have you found your kids intensely in the zone of play? What were they doing? How did you facilitate or enable that play? What did you learn about his or her interests and perspectives as you observed?


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