Dec 27 2012

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Picture of the Week: Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House: A Tradition

Christmas Eve, we put together our gingerbread house. It was fun putting it together.

Eating it is more fun!

We have been enjoying it little by little each day.

If you are interested, I used this silicone gingerbread house mold and a gingersnap cookie recipe from the Make-a-mix Cookbook. I love this cookbook. There are recipes in there that are my go-to’s. I have mine as an e-book, but first received it as a gift in book form. The advantage of having it as a e-book over an in-the-hand book is that I can have it anywhere because I usually have my iPad with me. I do like having real books too, so both are nice.


Gingerbread makes a great gift

You can make a gingerbread kit or put the gingerbread house together and give it as a gift. Anyway you choose to do it, homemade is so much better than a pre-made gingerbread house.

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