Jan 28 2015

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Own Your Life

Own Your Life

I bought Sally Clarkson’s Own Your Life book. I watched the webcast and read the “take a look” section in Amazon. It was then I knew this book fit with where I was and where I wanted to go. I have read the first chapter and cannot wait to explore the message of the book over the next few months. (I am taking time to discuss the message of the book in a small group.)

Here is a quote from the book talking about what owning your life means.

“It means taking responsibility for my own behavior, decisions, and attitudes so I may fully embrace God’s amazing vision for my life and leave a legacy that points others to Him.”

I have been chewing on those words and reminding myself of my responsibility for me. It seems simple—elementary really—but I have yet to fully take responsibility for me. I find myself getting caught up in blaming others or my circumstances for my attitude, waiting on others for decisions I should make, and choosing my behavior based on another’s behavior. I know better, but it’s an easy place to go when God’s call is the not-so-easy road.

I used to think the hard road was heading to the mission field. That the sacrifice to live in another culture and learn a language was the biggest sacrifice. The missionary life does have its challenges and sacrifices. What is harder than that? Faithfulness in the unseen and uncelebrated mundane realities of life. Driving a child to and from practice. Making meals. Cleaning up. Sitting down and reading a story for the thousandth time. These are not the passionate stories of faith told throughout generations. Or are they? I know God smiles at the faithfulness of His children regardless of the scope of his or her influence. Big or small, He sees the heart. Am I willing to sacrifice the grand ideals of spiritual greatness if God wants me to be (seemingly) small yet faithful? I want to be willing. There is a legacy I will leave behind. My story matters—even though I cannot see how it fits yet.

Another good word from the book:

“…God has created you with the potential to live a purposeful, meaningful life that is spiritually strong and vibrant. But you have to choose to follow Him, to believe Him, to live for Him. You must choose how to live every day”

I look forward to God using this book to mentor me.

Are you reading Own Your Life?

What are some ways you are growing in owning your life?

If you haven’t purchased your copy, click this link to buy it today.

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