Mar 09 2013

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Our Lego Master: Dice Tower

Lego Dice Tower

Lego Master: Dice Tower

My Lego Master, Bear, amazes me. At 8 years old, I can’t believe the creativity and drive he has with building. He keeps showing me new creations like a Lego puzzle he has worked on this week. I look forward to seeing it finished.

His big brother is a builder too, but we all agree that Bear has some major skills. My teenager found a YouTube video of another Lego enthusiast who made a Lego Dice Tower. I asked Bear if he could build one too. At first, he shied away saying that it was too difficult to make. Then he left to go into his Lego world.

I don’t know how long it took, but he came up with his own design. He impressed us. (BunBun used the word “stunned.) We tried it, and it worked well.

It’s slightly addictive because the dice reloads itself with the level. There’s no need for dice flying across the room after a solid good shake. Not that watching the dice roll wasn’t interesting enough, but we had come up with a game using the dice. (I am sure this game is not original to us, but it may be original in using it with the dice tower.)

Dice Tower Math Multiplication (or Addition)

The first trip through the tower X (or +) The second trip through the tower= ?

If two people are on par with each other, it could be a race.

(Subtraction could work subtracting the larger number from the smaller number.)

Dice Tower to School

Yesterday, Bear’s class had a game day. He wanted to take his Dice Tower to school, so he needed a game that used dice. His brother and he found a game called Dice Chess. How cool is that? He amazed his classmates because he made the Dice Tower himself and without using a pre-made kit.


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