Nov 01 2016

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One Great Resource You Need Today (and a freebie)

One Great Resource You Need Today (and a freebie)

As I think more about my PARK idea, I realize how indebted I am to people like Ruth Soukup (The Daily Productivity e-course–more details to come), Neil Fore (The Now Habit), and Rita Emmett (Manage Your Time and Reduce Your Stress). Each author contributed to my understanding and growing value to resist procrastination and to become more intential with my time. (While it is important to prioritize, not knowing your priorities could prove to be devastating.)

As I thought more about PARK, I decided to make a printable to help me. I am offering it as a gift for my subscribers. Sign up here.

In the PARK acronym, “A” is ask. Ask is not about asking God for showers of blessings. (That fits in “P” for prayer–if it is your prayer.)

Ask is twofold:

Mind dump

Taking time to “dump” all the todo list items onto paper is akin to a back massage–it’s a way to relax your paralyzed, kinked-up mind. Looking at all the brain chaos on paper rather than letting the thoughts swirl is, in itself, helpful.

Many times I have set a timer to 5 minutes and written down all the things on my mind. By doing so, I found some measure of peace because I could make choices. Before then, I either ran to whatever “screamed” the loudest or avoided doing anything at all. However, the step of writing out thoughts cannot end there–it must continue to the next step of prioritization. That’s where the Daily Productivity e-course comes into play. The Daily Productivity e-course has helped me think through my goals and priorities.


When I come to the “Ask” part of the page, I look back at the pages I filled out during the e-course. I look at my goals for the year in each category. Looking at my stated goals, I maintain a keener focus on “Ask” prioritization. When I see my goals, I see clear-er what is important and what needs to be released–even if I need to let it go but for a season. Prioritizing is key. No two things can have the same priority level–my will resists this idea, but it makes total sense.

The most difficult part of staying on task and keeping my thoughts on the truly significant comes from avoiding a decision to label what is more important. Buddy (aka Syndrome from the Incredibles) makes a statement, “If everyone is special, then no one is special.” This is true with priorities. When one idea is labeled as #1, then it is first. The #2 will have to wait until the #1 is done.

Once prioritizing is completed (and you’ve worked so hard to complete it, celebrate your victory), you are now free to limit yourself to the top 20% of your list. Freedom from overwhelm is found in letting go of the less valued todos. (Easier said than done.)

The Daily Productivity Planner has been my goto for thinking through goal setting. It’s one great resource you need today. Each page has a clear purpose. The e-course includes videos to take you through each step of the way. If you feel like you need to make a change, buying this course could be your best first step.

The Daily Productivity Planner e-course costs $97.


If you decide that now is not the time or The Daily Productivity E-course is not a good fit, I hope you will print out my PARK printable and find some help.

I’d love your feedback

If you downloaded the PARK printable, how are you finding it helpful?


Note: This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from this page, I do benefit–at no extra cost to you. My intention is to bring to your attention a product I can support and recommend.


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