Dec 16 2016

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Now, You Choose

The Five Minute Friday word is now. Time words are powerful words. Time is one resource that's spent and can never be brought back or recycled. Once it's gone, it's gone. There are no guarantees about how much time we have ahead of us in this life. In thinking about that, the word “now” awakens me to the choice set before me.

Now, You Choose


Now is the only time you get to choose.

You can't undo the past.

You can't predict or control the future.

Now is it.

It's in the now moment you are in control of what you choose to do.

Even though you can't undo the past, you can turn away from poor choices. Like that big bowl of ice cream you ate last night. You can't un-eat ice cream (not in a healthy way, that is). But you can eat that salad now or go for a run.

You can't control the future, but what you choose now has an impact on the future. Your now choice to dig into your Bible and pray will lead your day. Your choice to let go of bitterness and forgive will influence how you live life.

There are many options before you, but now is the moment to decide how you will handle your past and how you will live so that your future will be in direction you choose.

Now, that's powerful.


What will you choose with your now?

I tend to overthink life. In doing so, I can get stuck not doing much of anything. Doing nothing is a choice. But when I look back over my life, will I be most proud of the “perfect” choices I made because I thought it through really well. Or will I be sad because of all the things I didn't do because I hadn't quite figured out the most amazing answer.

Then there's the whole business of dealing with the past. What will I choose to do with my past? Even if I try to ignore my past, it still impacts my today. If I dog-ear the pages of the painful memories of the past rather than resolve them in my heart and soul, I am allowing the past to hijack my ability to live a whole and healthy life today. Choosing to face the past and close the chapter is a real choice for right now. Working through grief isn't easy, nor is it a quick decision. But choosing to start the process now is a decision to move towards life, health, and wholeness.

What is your biggest “now” choice? Is it a choice to face your past? Or is it a choice to do something different so that you will change the direction of your future?

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  1. Gabriele

    My biggest now choice is to stay grateful. Things could get messy in the days ahead. I need to stay grateful.

    1. Cheryl

      That’s a wonderful choice. I’m pressing toward thankfulness too.

  2. Rebecca

    Hi Cheryl, stopping by from the “link up” (playing with poems #35). I love the image of “dog-eared memories”, they really do impact our ability to move forward. Sometimes, now, is not the right moment to unpack all the grief. I like the idea of being intentional and setting aside space to do the unpacking, honoring it so to speak, it is definitely something to aspire to. Merry Christmas!

    1. Cheryl

      You are right about picking the right time to unpack grief. Even if it’s a decision to unpack it, let’s say, after the holidays, it’s one step. Thanks for visiting.

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