Feb 29 2012

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Not Gourmet, Mom-met…Even Better

I’m so glad my kids like my cooking. I don’t try to be too fancy–and I need to keep within all the restraints of time, energy, interest (mine, not theirs) and finances. I’m limited and can’t always pull off the grand plans I dream up. Let me introduce you to a new concept: Not Gourmet, but Mom-met.

Not Gourmet, Mom-met...even better

Not Gourmet, Mom-met…Even Better

I may not be good enough to thrill Gordon Ramsey’s taste buds, but I get 5 Michelin stars with my family. I’m glad to be free from the pressure of his shows. I would never thrive under it. I’m sure he is excellent in his chef-ing, and I wouldn’t mind feasting on his heaven-on-a-plate masterpieces.

Sometimes I get out of the pattern of old favorites and get a little gourmet. At least, my kids think it is fancy. The Ham Wrapped Eggs fits the bill for them. Maybe that gives you a clue what fancy is for them. No sprig of something on top or a swirl of fancy sauce is necessary.

The Ham Wrapped Eggs started our new word: Mom-met. And soon to follow came the phrase “It’s not gourmet, it’s mom-met.” After that, my teenager piped in, with perfect timing, “Even better.”

Here are a few of my Mom-met favorites:

Ham Wrapped Eggs

Ham Wrapped Eggs

Creamy herbed pork chops with smashed baked potatoes

Cheesy Herbed Pork Chops with smashed potatoes

Lentil Soup (not everyone’s favorite except mine)

Lentil Soup

French toast casserole

French Toast Casserole

What about you?

Real Meal Planning

What are some of your favorite Mom-met creations? Remember, if it’s Mom-met, it’s even better.


Meal Planning

If you want to make your Mom-met meals better, plan. Check out my Real Meal Planning ebook.




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  1. Angeline

    Hey Cheryl,

    I love your website! So glad you’re doing this.
    Looking forward to seeing some more “mom-met” creations!
    Any chance you’ll share your secret recipes?


    1. Cheryl

      I am going to put recipes online. You can check back later. Or, even better, you can subscribe and you’ll get a notice when I have added a new post. Thanks for asking.

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