Dec 01 2017

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Near God Safe, Near God Risk

The Five Minute Friday word for today is near.

near God

Near God Safe, Near God Risk


Safety being near

The crying child comes. She’s been hurt. Her brother is unkind. “Stay near me, my child. For when you are near me, you’ll be safe. He won’t act that way in front of me. The closer to me you are, the more I am able to protect you.”
I’ve said that to my children time and again. This is true with God. When we draw near to him, we find safety. Near to God is near to safety.

Risk of being near

But then again, near to God is risk. Peter left the boat to walk to Jesus. When he took his eyes off of Jesus, he saw the risk before him. Wind and waves all around. The risk is real. He faced it as he drew near to God.

near God Hebrews 4:16

Safety and risk

Near to God brings both safety and risk. The biggest challenge is in trusting his hand of provision while facing challenges. His hand of provision is never lacking, but giving us what we need never trumps his glory or our growing. Pain and suffering, in our souls and on our body is part and parcel of living in this world as a believer. God never promised health, wealth, and prosperity. Instead, he gives us what we need. Near God is risk, but near him is all we need.


Under his wing, we build courage to fly

As we draw near to God, he transforms us. We become the people he’s called us to be. And with that comes greater responsibility and challenge. That’s where the risk comes. As little babes in Christ, we don’t face the faith struggles as those who are seasoned in the faith. God calls us to great risk in this life as we follow him.

If you’ve had a few bumps or some major bruises while walking near to Jesus, chances are you’re experiencing the realities of risk. Be encouraged. He has purpose and plan even in the pain. And, as you draw closer still, he will give the just right help in your time of need.

What risk is God calling you to take?

In the comments, if you want, let me know the risk. Will you commit to stepping forward with your risk? If so, let me know that too.


As you consider the big faith step you, follow this pattern of prayer. (Taken from John Piper’s walking by faith practical steps)

  • Admit your need. You can’t move forward without his help.
  • Pray for guidance. You need his wisdom for taking the right steps.
  • Trust his promises. What biblical promise from God will you hold in your heart and mind? Search the scripture and say it as a prayer.
  • Act on what God’s call you to do.
  • Thank God for what he’s going to do and, afterward, what he did.




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  1. Michelle

    I don’t know what risk God is calling me to take. I always struggle with that first step! I need time to reflect and pray.
    Michelle recently posted…Near Life ExperiencesMy Profile

  2. Michelle

    I don’t know if my comment went through? I don’t know if God is calling me to take a risk. Just recently I felt called to give of myself to my community.

  3. annette

    nice balanced, glad to read it. 🙂 fmf neighbour

  4. Pearl Allard

    I missed FMF this week, but was so glad I stopped by your blog tonight. Cheryl, needed this. Writing feels like a risk, writing the truth – my truth – knowing I won’t please everyone. I only need to aim to please Christ. Thanks for that reminder!

    1. Cheryl

      Aim to please Christ. That’s a wonderful aim. I’m so glad you came.

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